Monday, November 17, 2008

Tonight I will be traveling to far Eastern Wisconsin to listen to Jill Briscoe speak and listen to and sing with
Steph. Steph is a famous worship leader and I have sung with her before. But she doesn't really know it :o)
Nancy and Amy are coming too! They both loved Steph's song leading when she was at Blackhawk Church a few years ago.

And here we have all connected at the blog.

(I am still holding my breath that my Lynn is going to come too.....)

So we are making it work.
It takes some adjusting and arranging for all of us,

but we are really looking forward to a peaceful, encouraging message and some really
uplifting music.

If you are in Milwaukee or there abouts check out this link.
Come on down and meet us :o)
And enjoy a time of encouragement.

St. Michaels Racine

We look like this.

Maybe not.

We are much cuter.

Encourage one another,

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