Saturday, November 22, 2008


Katie came home with a cheery smiley face band on her wrist.

"Where did you get that?" I asked.

" I got it because I made someone smile this week?"

"Who gave it to you?"

"My teacher."

"That's so nice, does she give those out every week."

"Yeah. About six people got them."

That's great Katie. I'm proud of you. Now come outside, in the 10 degree weather, and put on a hat,
and let me take a picture of you and your wrist band."



Last night, after dropping Katie off at a friends house, Patrick and I went over to a new pizza place.

It's not really so new...but it is new to us. They open last December, I think.

School mom, Katie, said this was her favorite pizza ever. And she is not a pizza lover.

So I couldn't wait to try it.

They make the pizza's right at the counter as you order and then slide them in a brick hearth oven.

We were hoping for a Roman style pizza and this came closer to Rome than anything we have tried since our visit to Rome last year.

The small restaurant is super family friendly. Booths and tables with benches.

Warm and not snooty. But the food is actually kind of snooty in that it is prepared with
all the best local ingredients. And it is not inexpensive. But, they were fast and the pizza was delicious.

So after many culinary disappointments, Patrick and I hit the jackpot at Pizza Brutta.

If you come to Madison, you really must go.

Call me. I'll go with you ;o)

Pizza Brutta


Paying bill with spider drawing


Big church Bazaar this weekend.
We stopped in after school yesterday.

My goodness! What a party.

People selling things.
Bake Sales.
Book Fair.
Brat Fest.


We bought books and entered raffles (Wii, Kit doll) and bought the famous
Cinnamon Bread baked by the nuns from the Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters.

I thought it felt a little dry and heavy in the bag....
And the fact that they had thousands of loaves lining the friary kitchen counters,
how good could it be?


Really. Really good.

There you go. Now that I've made you all hungry....

Have a great weekend!



Encourage one another,

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