Friday, February 17, 2012

Silhouette / take 2

Every day, I stop at Target to get my chai.
I have to wait for the store to open.
I wait about 30 minutes.

This wait used to bother me.

Now I love the quite, the stillness, of sitting in the car.

I don't get that quiet and stillness on my couch anymore. Nope. I don't.

So I wait until the Target opens and I get my Chai and I wander quietly around the store, picking up this and that.

And then I go home, down the road where people drive too slow, and meet with the Whirlwind.

Said Whirlwind is sleeping now, she is worn out from puppy class last night.
She pulls and pulls and pulls me and I feel like I have just worked out with Bob or Jillian.
The teachers noticed Ginny pulling and suggested a little harness for her.
I took it and learned how to use it and it is already working nicely.

Like I said, the pup is sleeping so I am going to go and sit on the couch and enjoy it while I can.

Happy Friday!
Enjoy the weekend.

Sunday is the big finale to Downton Abbey.
I can not wait.

I'll post a few Pinterests tomorrow.
Things will be a little different, tho.

Perhaps we will go to the movies this weekend.
I'd like to see a few more Oscar noms before the big show in a few weeks.

Take Care!

Encourage one another,

p.s. I have my next question from Patrick set to go :o)

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