Tuesday, February 28, 2012

On Thursday Katie and I headed to Omaha.
Ginny came along. She was a very good traveler. She slept a lot.
Good girl.

She takes too long to tinkle and I had to stand in the snow/sleet/rain but I guess that's life with a dog.

Swirly car

We saw this crazy painted car on Highway 80.
It was an Audi.

I slowed down so Katie could take it's picture. After Google searching this seems to be a paint that is used for test cars.
The driver smiled at Katie.
Story time

Many of you asked how Ginny did with Asher.
They did great. Ginny licked Asher a lot. Asher was timid at first. Asher was bumped down once or twice.
It made him cry the first time. By day three, Asher stood firm when bumped.
I think Ginny was more interested in Asher than the other way around.

The little guy was not feeling well.


When Melinda was at work, the rest of us went to King Kong restaurant.


Sticky fingers


Matthew and Asher.


Katie was there.


The kitchen always makes Asher's hair look red. It is more the color it look in the King King pictures.


Cute faces he makes.


After our long ride home, I had to take a pink picture for my 30 day challenge.
Once again Katie gets some attention.

So we had lots of queasy tummies and little sleep...but just being together is good enough for me.

Love you.
Mean it.


Lots of exciting DWTS news this morning.
I will plan a post for it tomorrow.

“Because a man that doesn't spend time with his family can never be a real man.”

name that movie

Encourage one another,

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