Wednesday, February 22, 2012

So cute and funny! Taylor Swift, Zac Efron and Ellen.


Yesterday the challenge was bokeh.

I tried numerous things but this was my winner.


Fun at the grocery store.
People were watching me.


Katie likes bubbles of light.
Me too.


She did not like wearing the orange hat for orange day.


But she is my girl.
My girl.

And she likes to make me happy.

Oh. Please God. Stay by her side.
Especially after she leaves mine.


Aloha Kelly

I sent this to Kelly Ripa because she is in Hawaii and I thought she would like it.

No word from Kelly.

Big shocker.

Thanks for sharing your favorite movie quotes. That was super fun.
Except for Susan and Stephanie and Janet NOT watching To Kill A Mockingbird and insisting on watching very very lame and stupid movies.

You girls are in the cinematic dog house.

Happy hump day.

Ginny...who I think I will start calling Jenny or Jilly or Jelly, has a Vet apt. today.

Want to guess how much she weighs now?

Encourage one another to watch To Kill a Mockingbird,

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