Friday, February 03, 2012




How Katie loves being on stage.

"In my own little corner, in my own little chair, I can be whatever I want to be...."

Blessed Sacrament's talent show was last night. Lots of talented and out going kids.
It was very fun...and sweet.

Two boys did the Who's on First routine and that was really great! Made me think of my cousins Rick and Paul.
I seem to remember learning about that comedy routine from them. They have always been able to make me laugh.

A seventh grader sang Eddie Vedder's 'Just Breathe' and I cried in the school auditorium. It was dark. That was a blessing.
This little boy's voice was the exact opposite of Eddie's low grumbly voice,
but the words slay me and make me think of Susie.

Then the eight grade preformed a very goofy rendition of "Friday" and I was able to shake it off.


I am doing a 30 day challenge with my friend Cheryl. Today we were suppose to take a picture of what you wore today...and that did not appeal to me at all...I wrote Cheryl and said...'can we switch it up?' Sure! she said....
So we picked another topic from a different challenge.

So today is "Words".

I think I got my shot.


Oh my. That was fun.
Scared me half to death having Ginny in front without her leash.
This was a one and done sort of thing.


Thank you honey.

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