Friday, February 10, 2012

What good is a blog if you can't hand out your personal opinions and favorites
as often as possible?


Ree over at The Pioneer Woman is having a Romantic Comedy favorite challenge.
In the spirit of a tournament bracket competition, like March Madness, movies are pitted against one another
to see which movie gets the most votes.

Since I am not the Queen of Ree's blog or her comments....I have no control...just one tiny voice, one tiny vote.

But here. At my blog. I get to be Queen.

St. Silly

Do you like my hat?

I will share with you my favorite romantic comedies.

1. My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

I am Greek. I love the cast. I see Aunt Dorothy and Aunt Zabeta. I see Diana. I see me.
I love the dialog. I love Windex.

When my grandpa came to the United States from Greece his name was Glymakopolous.
Instead of Nickys, we had Jimmys.

In my opinion, the biggest flaw of this movie is that it pretended to be in Chicago but it was shot in
Canada. Oh what an opportunity they missed by not filming it in Chicago.

This movie is worth wonderful.
The whole family can watch it.

2. You've Got Mail

To me, this is the perfect movie. I adore it. I love it.
I know it by heart.

Location love.

'for as long as we both shall live'

3. On Golden Pond

This is another perfectly beautiful movie. Old people love too, don't cha know.
Norman and Ethyl have a long and lovely love.

He is cranky and she has a joyful spirit.

If you have not seen this movie. See it.
You may think this is a drama. But every thing that Norman says is hilarious.
"Wanna see my teeth!"

I relate to this couple more than you can ever know.

"The loons! The loons!"
"You're my knight in shining armour. Don't you forget it."

4. Holiday

Charming. Sweet.
We went over this at Christmas time.
But this is not just a holiday movie.

Best new romantic comedy.

5. She's the One.

I watch this movie a few times a year.
This one is rated. N and S
Not for your kids.
Lots of swearing

But I love this movie almost the most of all. It is really, really funny.
It is shot in New York. It is written by Ed Burns...who I think is genius.
Ed Burns is the Irish Catholic Woody Allen.

For some reason, this sleeper, is high on my list.

Okay, I know the reason.

The writing. The acting.
And it's New York again.

Maybe it's just New York I love?

That's a real possibility.

(warning: while this video does not have's still not for least my children....don't watch it old are you?"


When Harry met Sally is up against My Big Fat Greek Wedding in the Movie Madness today at Ree's....

I choose My Big Fat Greek Wedding even tho I love When Harry Met Sally.

But as far as wedding dresses goes.


This one beats Toula's by a mile!

"Oh Marie."


I'd love to know what romantic comedies you love.
Surprise me!

Dazzle me. (who says that?)

Love and Kisses and movies,

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