Monday, April 29, 2013

Baby Luncheon. Asher loves to run.


Melinda's sweet aunt planned a lovely luncheon for Melinda on Saturday!
Katie and I were so happy to be able to go and celebrate with them.


This delicious cookie had almond frosting on it.  It was good!  Have you heard of that?

We done

We got pedicures.
We needed them.
Me the most.
My chair was so stinkin' uncomfortable...I thought I was going to slide right into the water.

189.5 miles

We drove against the windy wind all the way.
It wore me out.


Asher is shy around me.
Does not really want to sit by me.
But I am a grown up and understand.


He could do this for hours and hours.


Cute little smile.

Here is your photography tip for the day;
Use your big head to cast a shadow on your subject to create that precious open shade.

I am so thankful for my beautiful family.

It really mean it.



  1. Amy J in WI10:06 AM

    Looks like a wonderful time! Aren't you glad you made the drive? Asher is so adorable! He has no idea how much his life is about to change :).

  2. Love that quote. So true.
    That Asher-boy is just adorable.
    But you know that.
    Happy week, MizBoo!

  3. He is a darling boy - just had to state the obvious! Oh what a cutie pie.

    I just knew that was a pedicure chair in the background of that photo! sorry about your chair - I love those massage-y ones; would hate to feel like a dunk in the foot bath was about to happen!!

    Melinda is so lovely - glad she has fresh toe nails before the baby comes. I know that sounds silly but it is the truth.

    Glad I spotted you in my Reader before heading out the door (I'm out of Nespresso capsules - ack!) - I've missed you Miz Boo.

  4. Hi Amy,
    The only thing that made it a difficult decision AT ALL is that I will be going for the birth to watch Asher...and that might be in a few days. BUT....I can do it.

    1. Amy J in WI2:55 PM

      You can do it! And, wow, I didn't realize that the due date was so close. Hey....there is no snow. The drive will be a snap!

  5. Everyone is so so beautiful.
    And Melinda - my gosh...stunning...

  6. Asher's eyes are deep pools of gorgeousness. Help me, love, I'm drowning!

    I couldn't sleep at 1:15 a.m. so I got all caught up with Dietrich (while buffing my toenails). *This* Monday, I'm finally ready to participate. Ha ha!

    Melinda glows. I'm still waiting for her to give a makeup lesson.

  7. Carol. The participation has been meager so I did not feel badly about skipping...and kind of forgot.
    Can you wait until next monday or would you like to discuss tomorrow?

  8. Next Monday is fine. I've wanted to chime in before, but life has a way of trumping desires. We're in a drier part of the text which doesn't engender participation.

    I'm just laughing at myself: that delicious accomplishment at 2:20a.m. that "I'm caught up with the reading" on the first week you skipped Bonhoeffer (for GREAT reason) strikes me as hilarious!

    1. I had great plans to get entirely caught up, but once again "Life" got in the way - so color me relieved that I have another week :-)

      (or maybe a day? yikes, better get back to it).

  9. Anonymous10:51 AM

    The lady in the first picture with the them. She looks like a fun person. And Melinda looks wonderful. The highlights look great.
    My family always uses almond flavoring in our frosting. It's the only way, man.
    Dare I say, I do not like pedicures. I know. I like the foot massage though.
    Little Asher boy is so cute!! Those eyes and that little nose.
    I'm glad you had a fun time and safe travels.

    Sarah P. from Iowa
    Love the quote too. Its the truth.

    1. Sarah, that is Melinda's mom Carol Sue. She is darling and so stylish.
      Wonderful person!

  10. My baby girl was a "momma's girl" when she was a toddler. I think it kinda hurt my mom's feelings a little when she wouldn't sit with her in church; she only wanted to sit with me. But as she got older, she started coming out of some of that shyness. I remember whispering to her one Sunday to go sit with Nannie while I played a song with the church band. I looked up and she was cuddled right up next to mom. And the older she got, the closer she got to my mom. Now, at 13, she's content to spend a whole Saturday with Nannie anytime just doing nothing. We didn't push or anything, it just happened naturally in her time. Asher will figure out the grandma thing - it's a pretty sweet deal!

  11. Asher is just precious!! Kick that ball little guy. :)

    Prayers for Melinda as she prepares for baby. <3

  12. I do love pedicures. What color did you choose? I always take a long time to choose the same two colors: bright red or bright pink.

    Blessings on Melinda and Matthew as they prepare to welcome their new son.

    Happy Monday!


    1. I was wondering the same thing, Di. colors, please :-)

  13. Awww...Melinda looks lovely. Asher will be fine with you. Read him some books, color some pictures, and show him your camera, bet he makes friends with your fast! Or...bring him a new ball!

  14. Sarah Anne12:35 PM

    Ah, I love seeing my mom on here :) Glad it was a nice shower :) Wish I could have gone!

    1. Hi Sarah Anne,
      I wish I could have met you too! We had a wonderful time. Your mom is so sweet. She brought Katie a big box of Krispy Kremes :o)

  15. Anonymous12:37 PM

    Asher with his juicebox.....WOW!! What a doll! And those eyes!!

    Melinda is just glowing! Blessings to her and Matthew during these last few days as a family where the parents outnumber the children. :)

    Safe travels to you when you go back, Donna! Such an exciting time for all!! I <3 babies!!!

    Mary Z

  16. I love the pics! The juice box pic is my fave, his eyes are amazing. Glad you had a good time. Prayers for that new baby on the way.

  17. Julie2:51 PM

    Your photos are always so good, Donna. I can't believe you could take a bad picture of Asher--he's very photogenic! I'm sure he'll love spending time with you. Mama's attention will be on the new little one and he'll need some TLC of his own, and you're just the one to supply it :)

    Melinda looks really good; what a pretty mother-to-be (again).

    Wishing you safe travels when the moment comes.

  18. And your family IS beautiful - inside and out!

    Yesterday at church our pastor used your phrase *mean it* and it made me think of you.

    Here's the context.

    In the preached Word (aka sermon) God speaks to His children. In the Lord's Supper (which we take after the sermon), God's says *I really mean it*


  19. That's good. News. :o)
    Your pastor is brilliant.

  20. What a beautiful little post, full of love, that sweet grandchild, and such a meaningful quote. Excellent ~

  21. Anonymous6:59 PM

    " be with those I love is enough." How true. Thanks Donna and keeping you each one in our prayers.
    love and prayers, jep

  22. You have the most beautiful grandbaby ever! You are a blessed lady & pedicures to boot!

  23. Oh,
    Hello, baby Asher.
    When did he get so grown up?
    How does that happen so quickly.
    Do you know, just the other day I was praying that you could spend special time with Asher. I was specifically praying that for you. I don't know why God put that on my heart, but He did. So I prayed. I am excited for your new family member that will arrive soon. I am also supremely excited thinking about almond cookie icing. I should go and make some right now. If only I knew how.

  24. As often, I'm in late ! THANK YOU, DOnna, for those pictures ! I was impatient to see Melinda Sue when she is pregnant ! As always, she's gorgeous. And Ashe is SO SOOOOOO cute ! Can you stop to kiss him sometimes ?? ;D
    Very friendly to your family.
    PS : I don't comment all your post because sometimes I don't know what you're talking about (american show, for example) but I don't forget you :)


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