Thursday, April 11, 2013

The school uniform I want Katie to wear.

These are very similar to the uniforms worn by the girls at Melbourne Girls Grammar, an Anglican School.

I want Katie to wear this uniform in the worst way.


This is Candice Glover.  She knocked it out of the park last night.
She had me at 'don't make me over.'

The judges nearly died when this song ended.  Randy said it was the best song ever on Idol.
She was very sweet as tears ran down her face as they heaped praise upon her.

I like the first one better...cause I like that song better.
But this girl is amazing.

She can win...or Kree.

Does anyone else thing Lazaro is hearing impaired?
I do.

This is probably my favorite Idol moment.

From 2010.
Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze singing Falling Slowly

Your friend,


  1. From my string of comments on FB it is already established that I am once again glued to my sofa. It's 4:45 in the afternoon here and my get up and go got up and went.


    you mention A.I. and I perk up.

    I am so happy to say that I was able to watch a few times while in the States last month -- and I LOVE Candace!! And Kree. And Amber. And Angie. But Candace and Kree the best. I will now go and listen to these links happily.

    Did the fellow get voted off yet? He really needs to go. No offense to his difficulties with speech, but he is not at all in the same league as these ladies.

    And the uniform? Darling.

    1. Oh. My. Lanta. She is amazing. Fantastic!! I loved watching the judges reactions while she was singing. Must go you tube it and find a clip with their affirmations. thanks Donna!!!

  2. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Adorable uniforms! Molly loves her high school, but is not a fan of their dress code - khakis and polos for boys and girls. She misses her plaid skirt days from grade school. She always wanted a uniform like Rory on Gilmore Girls. :)

    I remember the Lee and Crystal duet. Poor Lee. He has a huge fan base in the Chicago suburbs, but his career didn't really take off. He seems like a genuinely nice guy, too.
    Mary Z

    1. I *heart* all things Gilmore Girls - loved Rory's uniform and her golden-yellow backpack :-)

    2. Anonymous7:39 PM

      Me, too, Susan! :)
      Mary Z

  3. Anonymous10:08 AM

    I loved that season with Lee Dewyze. He was so perfect and humble and understated. His performance of The Boxer is probably my favorite Idol performance ever. For me the show hasn't been good since Simon left and I loved Ellen on that season too. Really don't like Nicki Minaj as a judge.

    Kris Allen did a lovely performance of Falling Slowly too. That was another great season for me. Loved him and Adam Lambert.


  4. Love Crystal Bowersox. Truly.
    My SIL is taking me to see "Once" on Broadway...I had never heard of the musical/movie until today when she told me...and today on this blog!
    So excited now!

    1. I LOVE the movie Once - in fact I own it. I love watching and listening to the "stars" make music.

      I remember watching this clip of Crystal Bowersox and Lee D. on youtube (I think I already lived over here - I've missed a lot of reality television since moving.) Perhaps that is a good thing! But when it comes to shows about singing, I am pretty much hooked. I watched a bit of The Voice while in the States last month and enjoyed it too.

  5. Not an Idol watcher, but that girl can sing. Wow. Lovely.

    And I would have LOVED that uniform when I was Katie's age. It's funny how I was the girl who fought the establishment to be able to wear pants and shorts, and yet I was also the girl who would have loved a uniform.

    A polo and khakis? That look would have never worked for me. I feel for Molly, Mary Z.


  6. Hi Donna,
    The uniforms are so, so cute. One of the hard parts about being a grown up is that cute uniforms and braids and gingham (all things I love) look a silly after about age 20.

  7. Those dresses are cute. I would like one for hot summer days!

    I missed AI last night, had to work. Thanks for the clips so I could get caught up. When I got home at 9:50, my girls had the phones ready to vote for Kree.

    Have a good day everyone!

  8. Anonymous11:01 AM

    I think the uniforms are cute. I haven't watched Idol in a long time. I can't believe that Candice Glover isn't already a star. She is fabulous!

    Sophia and I really enjoy your videos, Donna. : )

    Sarah P. from Iowa

  9. Love that Lee DeWyze and Crystal song. Gave me shivers again.

    I think the uniform is cute but not practical. My girls would die if they had to wear it = no playing on the bars and no soccer.

  10. Anonymous11:46 AM

    I loved my school uniform of the 70s and it wasn't even a cute plaid! Those uniforms are fantastic and the shoes are fabulous!!!!



  11. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Hi Donna. I agree, Candice was AMAZING last night. Beautiful. I also like Amber- her voice reminds me so much of Whitney Houston. And Angie isn't my top favorite, however I thought her song at the piano last night was wonderful. With her singing that Kari Jobe song and also the Colton Dixon song before, I am thinking she may be a Christian so I am rooting for her for that reason too. Such a very talented bunch this year. They will probably all get recording contracts except poor Lazro. Surely America won't put him through this week.
    Debbie Z.

  12. Angie is indeed a Christian. I liked her first song last night,

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I read that Candice, Janelle and Amber are also Christians.

  13. I watch very few of the reality shows (DWTS might be the only one) so I'm not familiar with the singing shows. This gal has a beautiful voice and I love her song selections (they surprise me; I thought the singers on these shows sang mostly pop/rock stuff). I did see the YouTube video of the song from "Once" when it was making the rounds a couple years ago--it would be my favorite of the three in your post.

    The uniform is really cute. I went to public school with no uniform; my calves would definitely not have looked cute in white knee socks. I think Katie would be adorable in this one.

  14. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Candace and Kree, Kree and Candace. So amazing. Candace was stellar last night. It surprises me that the judges like Amber as much and Angie is fantastic too. Candace and Kree are on a whole other level.

    I remember Fantasia's "Summertime" being amazing.

    I am pleasantly surprised with Nikki M. When she has something to say.

    Kristi in LV

  15. I loved the clip of Crystal and Lee. I had forgotten about it. Once is one of my favorite movies.
    Don't Make Me Over.....amazing!!!

  16. I wish all schools had uniforms. They just look so put together and no one has clothes better than anyone else, plus I think wearing a uniform makes the kids conduct themselves better. I love those uniforms you showed. I wouldn't have minded wearing them when I was growing up.

  17. Fave idol moments ever - fantasia's 'summertime', and last night. That girl is absolutely incredible. Truly. There's a maturity to her singing that is RARE in a show like this. So glad you posted it - I'd never have seen it otherwise. Just fabulous. And remember fantasia's tears over Simon's kindness? Randy reminded me of it last night. Just so special.

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