Monday, April 08, 2013

Sometimes Photoshop really rocks.


This is straight out of the camera.  I am looking into the sun.  It is low.


I edited this and ran one of MCP fusion actions on it.

A little evening light...and a girl

This is what Instagram did to it.

While her face is too light.
The colors are pretty.


Hey!  Guess what?  I wrote a movie post for The Pioneer Woman.  It's up today.
Do you think you can guess the five black and white movie classics I recommend?

Miz Boo writes about the movies at The Pioneer Woman's website.


Bonhoeffer in America

After reading this chapter I started having a bit of inferiority complex issues.  (Being an American myself)
The American intellectuals were dunces and the rest of the folks were bigots.
It was 1930, I find it interesting that he did not encounter the suffering of the average person due to the depression.  I know Americans were suffering.  He really didn't need to go to Mexico to find poverty.

The drive to Mexico was a hoot.  Can you imagine doing that?

Do you think those who suffer poverty find it easier to believe in and lean on God?


This morning at Target, I bought this CD.  Kacey Musgraves.
I saw her on CBS Sunday morning and loved her right away!
Yup. I've loved her for a whole 24 hours.

Come on hitch your wagon the the living room I'm draggin'.

Happy Monday!

Happy Birthday Esther Jean.  I remember you.

Love you.

Mean it.

Donna Elsie


  1. Beautiful sign off - hugs to you Donna - Esther Jean sounds like a very wonderful person and I am remembering her along with you - even though I never had the honor to meet her, this side of heaven.

    xxxx from your Swiss Miss

  2. I don't know you Esther Jean...but you sure raised some beautiful people :)

  3. Anonymous10:38 AM

    I think the picture of Katie is stunning. She is growing up before our eyes. I got my camera out last night. First time in a while. The warmer weather and sunshine is such inspiration.
    I'm a Kacey fan, too! I loved how her family was so supportive and sweet.
    So, we get to see you in two places today? I think that's great!!
    Happy Birthday, dear Esther!

    Sarah P. from Iowa

  4. I actually saw you over on PW before seeing your post here, so I left a comment over there.

    Not reading the book, so I'll just say I'm completely smitten with Call the Midwife.

    Happy Monday! :)

    1. Just finished Call the Midwife from last night.
      The voice over just gets to me.

      trust, faith..etc.....

      I've got to find it somewhere was beautiful.

  5. I need to take an editing course. Love the action you used on that photo of Katie. I'm going to listen to the music now.

    OK. I'm in love with Kacey's voice. Now I'm a fan of five minutes! Thanks for the introduction.

    I read the movie post. I have seen Mildred Pierce and To Kill a Mockingbird, one of my all time favorite movies. I fell in love with Gregory Peck when I first saw this movie. I'm not sure I want to see The Bad Seed. Your description of Now Voyager reminded me of that other Bette Davis movie Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte, which scared me to death when I was young. After that movie, I would hide my face whenever I saw Bette Davis or Joan Crawford. Ha!

    1. Happy birthday to Esther Jean, Donna.

  6. I echo Susan and Gina. Your mother (and father) have a beautiful legacy. So, happy birthday, Esther Jean! Our lives are so much richer thanks to your Donna Elsie and her stories.

    I thought the same thing about poverty in America, Donna. I wonder if he just ran in a swankier crowd, so he was protected from it. My guess is there is little written about his drive across the country, because there would have been plenty of poverty for him to witness in the middle of the country and in the south.

    The drive to Mexico reminded me of my mother. She lived in Denver and was single until she was 28 (old maid back then.) When she was 27, she and a friend took off and lived in Mexico City for SIX MONTHS. I never heard all the details of that, but don't you think that would be a bit scandalous? I know she came back because my father proposed over the phone (-: Her funniest story? Trying to learn to water ski: she was tall and could not stand up straight, so the instructor yelled to her: Juanita, LIFT YOUR FANNY! It was one of those things we quoted a lot in her years of living here (-: Queen Jean was a funny lady!

    Back to is so interesting to see how the time with the race issue in the states was a preparation for Dietrich's future. I LOVE seeing the threads run through history, and how they make so much sense later on. The friends he made were so important.

    And I wish I could be half as smart...or a fourth as smart as Dietrich. And as cultured!

    Monday...more coffee!


    1. 'Juanita, lift your fanny!!!'

      Not really enough words to tell you how much I love this.


    2. Me too Steph...and Di.

      Juanita, lift your fanny!

      That is script material.

    3. This is definitely one for the books.

      Happy Birthday, sweet Esther Jean.

    4. Anonymous4:45 PM

      Oh Di, at the end of the day here I finally am and I am laughing and thinking what cool memories you have. Turns out my MIL and her friend went to Saltillo, Mexico in the early 1940's. My MIL worked as a hostess in a restaurant and spoke fluent Spanish. When I joined the family the story was that she talked in her sleep and often it was in Spanish. She and her friend came home to their military husbands...but what an adventure. My MIL was a character who sadly died at age 62 from lung cancer...all that smoking. She outlived her husband by five years...he too died at 62 of cancer. They missed knowing their grandchildren and that is the saddest thing. I would have liked to have been on that road trip DB and his friends made. I know they had interesting conversations. Thanks be to God Donna for your mom Esther Jean and for your dad, too. love and prayers, jep

    5. Hitting the {like} and smiling along with you gals at the thought of Jaunita and her Fanny.

  7. Oh, I adore the super saturated colors in that photo! I haven't started the book yet, so I have nothing to add there, except that I'm looking forward to the dang thing being returned to my library so I CAN start reading it.

    I saw these on Design Mom this morning and immediately thought of you and your beautiful readers.

  8. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Aww! :')

    sis' cindy :)

  9. kathleen12:45 PM

    Donna, as always your photos are lovely. I'm actually commenting about Downton Abbey. I always record it and finally watched THE WHOLE SEASON Friday night. I thought you would get a kick out of this. I couldn't stop. My husband found me dazed and confused from no sleep and all the crying over poor Sybil and Matthew.He thinks I'm crazy, considering that I already knew what happened from reading about it all over the internet. Men!! They just have no clue. Anyway I made it until around 6pm and slept through until 5 the next morning .I told him I lost two nights in my quest for culture .Heheh. I won't tell you what he said.

  10. Oh Kathleen!! That's so much to process in two nights!! Yikes :o)
    I loved and hated and then loved again the characters this season.
    Especially Branson and the daddy.
    Pretty weddings....huh?

    1. kathleen10:07 PM

      Poor Edith !! Totally the Jan Brady of the Crawley family ! First that old guy, now one with a crazy wife.I don't see this ending well.

  11. Claire1:57 PM

    The first time I saw The Bad Seed was with you!

    1. Claire!! I wondered if you were there. I had a feeling it was with you and perhaps even Karen Aeschliman :o)

  12. I'm so behind. Each Monday I intend to catch up on DB...and each Monday I need to clean and cook (in a frenzy) for a group that comes for dinner.

    I love reading the QLCS thoughts.

  13. I have been traveling and didn't want to bring my copy along since it's huge and I'm traveling light -- that's my story and I'm stickin' to it ;-)

  14. sonjasunshine4:13 PM

    I took DB on vacation with me two weeks ago. It was only 70 degrees in Florida (I know, right?!) so no swimming or beach for me. I read the whole book in that week. It really is enlightening and can change your perspective on many things. I was also surprised there was no mention of poverty and dispair in the US. I agree with Di - probably due to his social circles.
    I've heard it said that religion is for poor people. Of course I disagree with that. But I do think that people who want to be like Christ have different priorities in life than people who are only living for themselves. Therefore, I might seem "poor" to some, or lacking in a lot of material things, but a relationship with Christ fulfills my every need. What I want now, more than a new car or a bigger house, is to be more like Christ and an opportunity to serve Him somehow.
    Mr. Bonhoeffer was so amazing - so receptive to the Spirit and willing to step out of his comfort zone. I want to try to be more like that.
    I'm so glad you recommended the book. I probably never would have read it otherwise. Now each week, I'm re-reading parts of it to think more about the questions you're putting out. Thought-provoking indeed!

  15. Sonja, I'm so happy you read the book and are taking the time to comment here!!! I think the poor do not have the means to provide for themselves so they must go to God instead of doing it themselves...perhaps. We are warned that it is difficult for a rich man to make it to heaven in the Bible. I'll have to look up who said that.
    It is a generalization but it is interesting to think about.

    1. Yes, Jesus Himself said it! :) I agree - in many cases (not just financially) we tend to think that if we can do something ourselves, we'd rather just do it ourselves. That's what I admire about DB. He seemed to put every decision about his life in God's hands even though he did have the means to follow just about any path he chose. What an example.

  16. Love that song by Kacey. If Airstream doesn't pick that up they're idiots. IMHO Also love her song "Mary Jane".

  17. Loved your movie post at Ree's, Donna. And I love the colors in Katie's photo.

  18. Sunday Morning is one of my favorite shows! I saw the Kacey piece and loved it. She's a winner : )

  19. Claire6:53 PM

    Yes Karen!

  20. Anonymous7:29 PM

    Happy birthday to your wonderful mom.

    Congratulations on your movie post on PW's site! I love watching and discussing movies. I enjoyed watching Siskel and Ebert for years and find it a strange coincidence that the day of Roger Ebert's funeral, another insightful movie lover's voice is being shared with a large audience. As we here at QL know, your writing style is special. xoxo

    Mary Z

  21. Oh Mary...I always checked to see what Roger thought before I went to a movie. We didn't always agree... But man I respected him. You can call me 'little voice'. :o)

    1. Anonymous11:29 AM

      He truly was so brilliant. And courageous. Chicago was lucky to have him.

      Your little voice speaks volumes. :)

      Mary Z

  22. Your last lines...well, they are wonderful. I don't think it could be put a better way than someone above already said: she raised some wonderful people and left an amazing legacy. Thank you for sharing her with us.
    I spent the night getting a tangled comb out of my youngest's hair (think rat's nest, squirrel's nest, something that would put the beauty-school drop-outs to shame), so I cannot post tonight on Bonhoeffer. But, in Arnold fashion...I'll be back. ahahaha!


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