Friday, April 26, 2013

Can't wait!

Katie and I are heading to Omaha in a few minutes!  We are so excited to see Matthew and Melinda and Asher!!!
I promise to take lots of pictures of that beautiful boy.
And some of Asher too.


I did a mini session today, in my garage and kitchen of the girl next door.

And then I made (am making) chicken spaghetti to take with me for dinner tonight.

I took a few shots of Katie first.


I love when she curls her hair!

I wish you all a great, warm, sunny weekend!
Don't are still here....
you are called to be here...

Be strong and courageous.
You can do it!

Love you,


  1. Have a safe and fun trip. Lovely pic of Katie. She is a doll.

  2. Is it time? Have a fabulous trip :-)

  3. Happiness explosion! Have a superb time, YaYa.

  4. Wishing you traveling mercies. Love that Katie girl!

  5. does that mean baby time??? have a fab time and be safe on the road!

  6. ps. I love when Katie curls her hair too....and when she straightens it....and when its up....and....and....she's just perfect no matter what her hair looks like! Kudos to you mama!

  7. Hooray for road trips and beautiful kids and grandkids. Love and prayers for your time away!


  8. Anonymous12:00 PM

    How old is Katie now? :-)

  9. Have a fabulous time with the kids!

  10. I'm 13! (To answer Lynn's question) thank you all for the lovely compliments!

    -Katie Gracie :)

    1. Isn't it nice to have your very own fan club :-)

      Your hair does indeed look very lovely all curled.

    2. Hi Katie!

      And a lovely 13 year old at that! Have a fun trip to Omaha!


  11. Have a super wonderful trip! Katie's curls are fantastic!

  12. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Katie, you are a gorgeous 13 year old!! Donna, does this mean we get to see new photos of Asher?? YAY!!!


  13. Anonymous2:30 PM

    I like the pretty curls on Aunt Katie Gracie. What a good grandma bringing food to your children, Donna. :)
    Have a wonderful and safe trip!
    And if this is baby weekend, God Bless Melinda and baby!

    Sarah P. from Iowa

  14. Thanks for those last words of encouragement! I was having a down moment just before I read this. :)

  15. Have a wonderful trip and enjoy your time with family!

  16. Have a safe and fun time visiting Asher, et al!!
    Tell Katie I have a really cute, tall, funny 14 year old boy! ;)

  17. Yippppeeeeeeee! Have fun! Seeing the grands always refreshes me....I hope it'll refresh you, too :-)

    AND it does look like it will be a warm sunny great weekend ahead! That calls for another yipppppeeeee!

    Tammy ~@~

  18. Is it time for the new baby to be born? Saying prayers for everyone.

    Have a safe and wonderful weekend.

    P.S. I tried to find you on FB and all I could find was your photography page. I wanted to show you a picture of my adorable granddaughter. :)

  19. Anonymous8:00 PM

    Just getting here, but I wanted to say you will all be in our prayers. Have fun and take lots of photographs please. Katie your hair looks lovely as do you. Vera would tell you that you have a "bobber pin" in your hair, her words for bobby pin. love and prayers, jep

  20. Oh, have a wonderful time!!
    We purchased the curlers you recommended and they are fantastic! Katie's hair always looks great, and my daughter would want to know how she gets the waves instead of straight-up curls (ha...what a funny way for me to describe curls...straight-up. :) ).

  21. I love the gladness that radiates here.

  22. Katie ... you are a BEAUTY and that beauty comes from within ... you are a blessing from God, sweetie! Travel safe and looking forward to pictures of the rest of the family (especially the newbie) ... LOL Linda

  23. Have a very good time in family, Donna; And please, give us some news from Melinda Sue and her belly :)

  24. No newbie for at least a week.

  25. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Kid President says we can do it, too!! :)

    Thanks for the pretty pic of pretty Katie and hope you're both having a fabulous time with Matthew, Melinda and little Asher!

    Mary Z

  26. If I could pick a studio to shoot in for one day, do you know what I would pick?
    I would pick YOUR GARAGE studio. Mostly because you would be close to it and spending time with you? Well, that would be a dream come true.
    I am glad you got to shoot. I know you love it so.


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