Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Brewers Fan

brewers 011

This is from 2004.  Oh dear.

I am a big Brewers fan this year.  They've been easy to watch since
they are in first place and have a cool team.
It's a team, team.
No big names, for the most part, regular guys.  But gosh, when they are playing well, it's super fun to watch.

Fun and relaxing.

The Brewers are a bit kitchy too.

They have logos like this...

And a dog

Hank showed up at Spring Training...and was adopted by the team.

haha.  Hank has a bobble head. 

And racing sausages

What's not to love?

Encourage one another,


  1. Anonymous10:35 AM

    What fun to have a team like the Brewers to follow. Hank is a cute dog, too. Makes me think about Lavern and Shirley working in the brewery, was that in Wisconsin...I don't remember. Good news here...RAIN, precious drops we so need.

    A Happy Meeting

    Rain meets dust:
    soft, cinnamon kisses.
    Quick, noisy courtship,
    then marriage: mud.
    by Joyce Sidman
    love and prayers, jep

    1. Oh! I like that!! Happy rain day!!

    2. Anonymous12:51 PM

      Jep, your quirky poem made my day. Love it. And Donna, I hope you and your family get to enjoy plenty of Brewers games this season. I hadn't heard about their new mascot dog. So cute. Oh, how I love baseball. Go, Mariners!

      Debbie Z.

    3. Thanks be to God for rain!!

    4. Anonymous3:56 PM

      Yay for rain!
      Mary Z

    5. Anonymous6:32 PM

      Yes, so thankful for the rain.
      love and prayers, jep

  2. well our last place team had a no hitter perfect game going till the 7th last night. then the usual CUB luck hit and it was OVER>
    Love me baseball. All teams all the time. Love your CLEAN roof covered stadium. Please get me that bobble head. :)

  3. I live in Red Sox country. It would be--well, it would've been easy to convert during their World Series year, but NO! I will always be a Packer, Badger, and Brewers fan.

  4. Sigh. I think I was reading you back in 2004, although probably under another name, because I was definitely homeschooling then and that's what brought me to your blog. I would love to see a comparison photo of Katie now to Emma at the same age. They looked so much alike in recent posts!

  5. Anonymous1:59 PM

    What a cutie pie. Our children grow up so fast. Cherish every minute.

  6. I love kitschy. Enjoy every bit of summer you can!

  7. Fun! Nothing like a good night of baseball. Katie. What a cutie!

  8. It's been tough being a simultaneous Cubs and Brewers fan. I always wondered what I would do if they played each other in division playoffs. So far it hasn't been an issue. But at least one of my teams has a chance this year. Now to beat those pesky upstart Nationals.

  9. Anonymous3:55 PM

    Since a big piece of my heart will be moving to Milwaukee in August, maybe I should look into the Brewers..... I do love baseball.

    Little Katie is so very sweet! :)

    Mary Z

  10. Anonymous4:58 PM

    Love the racing sausages! :)
    Sis' cindy :)

  11. Well, I am a DIE HARD Cubs fan, having been born and raised in the "shadow" of Wrigley Field ... but ... I do love the Brewers and the Pirates ... heck, I just love baseball!!


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