Thursday, June 12, 2014

Katie and Ginny



A fun little photo shoot.


Katie is still not well.  She coughs and coughs and coughs.
The Dr. says her throat is fine, and her lungs are good.

But the coughing just won't quit.

She is taking a steroid for a few days to see if that helps....but you don't take that in the evening because they say it will keep you up.  It seems to be helping ...but then the coughing starts again at night.

I am starting to suspect whooping cough.

The Dr. thinks it is just a few colds strung together.
(We've been twice to see him.   twice)

So anyway.  We are hanging around the house.  Trying to get this girl well.

How you doin?


  1. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Bless her heart, it is no fun to be sick during summer vacation...well, anytime, but summer vacation, Yikes! Could it be allergy related? I was coughing a bunch several years ago and ended up going to the allergist which resulted in some medicine that helped stop the cough.

    Dear God, Please keep Katie in your Love and healing Grace. Please help the doctors to understand her condition and treat it appropriately. We ask for this blessing in the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior. Amen

    love and prayers, jep

    1. Anonymous11:39 AM

      I just remembered that Vera had a cough last time she was with us overnight and we propped her up on a couple of pillows and that seemed to help. jep

  2. Anonymous10:02 AM

    So very sorry to hear Katie is still ailing! Molly had a bad case of laryngitis last month the week right before prom and graduation. It was no fun and really knocked her out. Green tea with honey and Vicks on her chest at bedtime were soothing. Prayers that Katie feels well soon!

    Mary Z

    P.S. Not everyone can look so adorable while feeling under the weather. These pictures are so cute!

    1. YES, what Mary Z said: super cute photos!!

  3. There is something about a cough and cold at this time of year that feels so wrong. Just when you want to let loose and dance! I will pray for Katie. My two littles (such a silly name now, but I am not letting go just yet) both get lung stuff when they get sick. Bren and I had a cold earlier in the year that went to coughing for him and lasted several weeks. It is so very tiring!! Bless you, Katie.

    I get to see Susan Keller tomorrow, just another connection I made because of the QLCS. She is providing us with hospitality for a basketball tournament in So. Cal. Thanks, dear Donna!

    Much love,

  4. SAD. I hope and pray she feels better very soon.

    Bless her heart, and yours too!

  5. Poor Katie. Have you tried Vicks on the bottom of her feet? Put it on @ bedtime, she'll need to put socks on.... which socks in the summer are just wrong, but coughing is worse.

    1. I'm trying this right now. Thank you.

  6. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Get well soon, Katie! I am praying for your recovery.

    Debbie Z.

  7. I am going to online-diagnose Not Whooping Cough. A friend of my daughter's had that at around the same age and the coughing is unmistakable in the sound, plus she would cough until she vomited and turned blue. I suppose there are probably lighter and heavier cases so I could certainly be wrong (what! an online diagnosis by a non-medical person based on just a few words, wrong?). I think there's a test for it that involves a swab up the nose - not very pleasant! I hope she just fights it off and recovers, whatever it is.

    1. You are very funny!

    2. Oh I did enjoy this diagnosis! My niece had whooping cough as a baby. Horrid stuff! I think there might be varying degrees because if I remember correctly they have no idea where my niece picked it up - someone possibly had it and didn't know it. Sure hope your Katie is well soon!

  8. As did Jep, I thought of allergies too. Particularly if her lungs and throat are fine and the cough is not a deep, from-the-chest cough. Will be praying for healing!

    We are on Day One of keeping our 19-month-old grandson for 2 1/2 weeks! I will know full well once we're on the other side of this why God gives child-bearing years to the young and not just the young at heart! :-) Seriously, I have been looking forward to this time with him but I *will* have renewed respect for mothers of littles.

    1. Have a wonderful time. You can do it!

  9. Amy J in WI3:57 PM

    Poor Katie. Hope that cough stops soon. I was in Madison on Tuesday (getting Grandma's checkbook done) and heard on the radio about a nasty virus in town. A 10 day cold followed by a 6 week cough. Ugh.

  10. Oh No! Chronic coughing is so annoying. I have heard that whooping cough sounds like the person is going to choke. Maybe it's allergies? That happened to me a couple years ago. Hope she is better soon. Love the pics!

  11. As a life long asthma and bronchitis sufferer, three things:

    Prop up on an extra pillow.
    Benadryl. Truly. I wish I had known this trick sooner. It's not just for allergies - it'll dry you out and knock you out. Good stuff.
    If the cough is keeping you awake anyway, no harm in trying the steroid at night. They don't keep me up, just FYI...

    Be well, Katie girl!!

  12. janice10:45 PM

    Poor Katie and her cough. Spencer had too many colds this school year! Hot peppermint tea and honey will help. I was going to mention the vicks on chest and feet about a hot bath before bed.
    And while I don't like a lot of medicine we had to rely on Mucinex a few times this year. It works really well.

  13. I'm coming in late on this conversation but agree with Amy about the Vicks on the feet. A thick layer, then socks. I also put it on my daughter's chest and back if and when she gets a rotten cough. It might not totally take it away, but it certainly helps her sleep. That and a humidifier in her room. My doctor also recommended honey. She is just over three and unfortunately will cough until she vomits when she gets a rotten cold. Ugh! Especially if she's lying flat on her back. Her room smells like an old medicine cabinet for a couple of days, but it is worth it! Hope Katie feels better soon!!!


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