Monday, July 20, 2015

Summer time.



Katie bought herself a new dress with her lawn mowing money.  It is a big challenge for me to photograph white things....I guess she wants to challenge me.


Miller Park!!!  Great night for baseball!

Run you goofy sausages RUN!

We went to see the Brewers play on Saturday night.  It was a really great game!
They won and there were lots of hits, lots of action!

Our nights continue to be filled with volleyball and the days are extraordinarily lazy.
You know who is still sleeping.

August brings Drivers Ed for Katie.
I can't take it.
I have not felt like this before with the other kids...
but Katie seems way too young to drive!

Nope.  Can't imagine this AT ALL!



  1. Oh, Donna. Next time you see my children you can ask them how I handle driver's ed. Not a pretty picture. But for whatever reason I am okay with Brennan. I still remember the first time I was with Claire when she was learning. She came around the clover leaf to get on the freeway and there was a CHAIR sitting in the lane. Jesus, COME QUICKLY! She handled herself beautifully and I lost at least a decade of life.

    That dress is gorgeous. Where does she shop? And I cannot believe how fast her hair is growing.

    Volleyball going well? We are off to Vegas for the last basketball hurrah. Last year I saw Tom Izzo from Michigan State...I am such a college basketball junkie that seeing the coaches is the equivalent of the red carpet. So exciting. Now if one of them would see Bren and know that their life would be made complete by offering him a scholarship? Now we're talking.

    Happy Monday all,

    1. Katie loves every moment of volleyball.
      Have a great time in Vegas Baby!

  2. Katie will always be 6 years old in my head.

  3. Melinda, she is forever 3 to me. With hair all the way down her back. Donna, can you teach me to meet 'challenges' like you do?

  4. I know. She is so little.

  5. Beautiful girl with very feminine, flowy dress!

    As an avowed volleyball lover, your summer sounds perfect. Good luck to Katie (and her parents) with driver's ed. That was one of my least favorite parts of parenting. :)

  6. We made Tyrese delay one year for drivers Ed, so he took it this spring, when he was turning 16. This whole 14-year-olds driving thing wouldn't have flown in my house growing up, either.

    So he has his temps now. And it's as terrifying as I anticipated.

    Come, Lord Jesus, indeed.

    1. Katie is 15 1/2!! Sixteen on Christmas Eve.

    2. Bless your heart. Jesus, be near. Seriously.

      Our kids didn't do driving lessons (private) til age 17! (Our school didn't provide it.)

      They did not try for their licenses til 18! Ack!!

      We had no spare wheels, so that was that. And of course we drove them loads of places. It's a blurr now!

      Riding with teens who are learning to drive is the worst. Talk about stress :-P

  7. Beautiful dress. I wish Katie lived close - I could use some lawn mowing help!

  8. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Wowsers! Your Katie is a beauty..and her pretty new dress. The second photo caused me to do a double take. Thought it was Emma...your other beauty.


  9. I am in love with the color photo of Katie. Simple and admire how you can make beauty on that glorious garage floor of yours.

  10. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Riding along with teenagers driving is not easy. We are praying for you.
    Beautiful crisp photos as always and what a pretty dress Katie purchased...she has good taste! love and prayers, jep

  11. Having had our 16 year old daughter come home with a LARGE DENT in the car last week - well, all I can say is, I think 16 IS too young - and our daughter is 17! She still needs to mature when it comes to driving. I always thought our son would be the one to make me nuts when it came to driving, but his sister is the worst! Like Katie, she's super petite too, so driving my 2004 Pilot is like driving a living room down the street.My one consolation is that the vehicle is WAY OLD and large enough to protect her... For now, she's off driving privileges!

    Katie is maturing before our eyes - she has such a beautiful face and expression.... I, too, see a lot of Emma in her...

    Donna, didn't know if you knew the place is on the market - has been for about 45 days:

    1. Oh my gosh! Thank you for telling me that! Off to see it!

  12. She is the loveliest girl. Beautiful dress. Where did she get it? Sabriah is gone and Naji is here now, so no more girl shopping for me. I miss it. I would have to say that was one of the highlights of the year with Bria. It was not a highlight for Gary as our bank account dwindled lower and lower and lower.

    My Dad let Kaish and Sabriah learn how to drive on the farm. That was amazing. As a result, both of them are fantastic drivers! I can't get over how wonderful they do. In fact, I think they drive better than me any day of the week! : ) Sabriah was a little shaky at first, but she came around.

    Naji and Kaish have vampires for the last 2 weeks. Sleep all day, stay up all night. I miss them going to the park and the pool. I miss the little children stage. I cry about it too often.

    It is always so lovely to visit here. You are a breath of fresh air. Love, Becky

  13. Thank you becky! I wish Katie had a farm to drive on!


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