Monday, July 27, 2015

We were together. I forget the rest. ~Whitman

#tbt Jim, Cindy and Dad. Hayward Wisconsin. 1966.

This is a picture of my brother Jim and Cindy and our dad in the background.
Every summer we went to Hayward Wisconsin for a vacation.  It was a week...or two.  I'm not sure.
It seemed long.  Dad fished and never caught much more than a perch or sunfish on little School House lake.  We swam in the nice built in pool and swam across the lake a time or two.  We rowed the row boats and took trips to town.  A trip to the drive in movie theater in our pajamas and a visit to Paul Bunyan's Cook Shanty were necessary.  We looked for bears at the dump and chased chipmunks around the 'resort'.  We went out to eat almost every night at Ken's Milwaukee Inn.  Mom must have decided NOT to cook that year.

It's 1966.  The twins were born in March of this year.

Priceless  #mom #janice #hayward #wisconsin

This was probably the following year.
Mom and Janice at the pool.

We were together.
I forget the rest.

Donna Elsie


  1. I know you use Photoshop for some of your pictures. Have you ever done any retouching? I am taking a Photoshop class online right now, and we just took an old picture like your first one and removed creases and so on. It made me wonder if you ever scan those old photos and edit them like you do your new ones.

  2. I will add that we had a lively online discussion about what to leave alone because it adds to the charm and appeal of the older photo - nothing wrong with leaving them as they are!

  3. Amy J in WI12:48 PM

    Great memories! We still go to Paul Bunyan's. I crave their donuts!

  4. I remember going for drives up and down the rolling, back roads and Dad would put the car in neutral and we'd see how far we could get! Do you remember that? Such a cute picture of Mom and Janice. :)

  5. I sure do! Coasting!!!!

  6. What sweet memories! And I absolutely love the quote.

  7. That is such a beautiful thing to remember. I love vacations for that very reason.

  8. awww, Great photos. same era, my family

  9. Your mom is astonishing: the hair, the glasses, the sleeveless top...the smile.

    This post resurrects so many of mine own memories. Curt and I honeymooned in a cabin on a lake in Hayward.

    And the car with luggage strapped on top. Our family did the same thing.

    And the rolling hills. After I learned to read, I plagued my family by reading all the signage aloud: 'Do not pass." "Pass with care." "Do not pass." "Pass with care." Those rolling hills could do a number on the digestive system, ahem.

    The Whitman quote is priceless. It's going in my commonplace book. Thanks, Miz Boo!

  10. I know!! Isn't she fabulous!!??

    1. Donna, she looks like a movie star ! :-)

    2. Anonymous9:20 PM

      Yes, your mother was a beauty. Those perfect teeth, and the sunglasses and hair. And I love the quote. Like Carol, it is going in my book.

      Debbie Z.

  11. We ate at minocqua Paul bunyans a couple of weeks ago. Even though we live 20 minutes from the one in the dells.. We have to go to the one UP NORTH. and, I've been weepy over your quote all day. Rich. Rich. Rich. What happens matters.


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