Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A tale of two cities.

Hello Every-body.

I'm back.  What a week.
It was a week with the best things and the very worst things.
Our hearts and our brains and our souls have great capacity to manage it all don't they?

On Saturday the 19th my daughter-in-law's mother (Carol Sue) had a car accident.  She broke her foot badly.
She was in a lot of pain but was talking and recovering.

Monday Diane Wheeler, our blog friend, came to town.
Monday Carol Sue started having breathing issues.

Tuesday I drove Di up to Baraboo to meet Stephanie and they would go on to a very special retreat.

When Di met Stephanie!!!! #joyous #IRL

Stephanie came driving toward us beeping her horn.  Di could not help it.  She ran.
This was the first time they have met after being internet and email friends for years.

We had a great lunch together at our favorite Mexican place.  Di and Steph headed north and I came home...already knowing in my heart that I needed to go to Omaha to help Matthew and Melinda with the boys.
The texts had been coming in thru the night and morning that reporting that Carol Sue was not doing well.
(She had too much CO2 in her lungs.)

In a beautiful church, lifting up Carol Sue  in prayer and a lovely hymn. #healing #bestrong #hearourprayer

Praying for Carol Sue has been constant.

My husband and I decided that I would go help and Katie decided that she was coming along.  She felt it in her gut that she had to help...just like I did.  Katie was a great help to me.  Couldn't do it alone.

I could not have taken care of the boys (5,2, 10mo) without Katie.  She missed a lot of school and volleyball but she felt it was the right thing to do. Melinda's mom is still struggling to recover from a car accident last Saturday and this was the best w

I see you!  #Asher #Malachi

I see you!


This little guy gets into everything!  Even my barricades :o)


Sums it up.

It was very good to be there.  Matthew was able to be with Melinda at the hospital, go to work a few days and get a few things done.  Melinda is the medical contact for her mother so she has been by her mom's side consistently (As is her brother)  and it seems every time she has come home to try to sleep she gets called at 3:00 am to come back in.  It's been very hard to see their mom so sick and declining and not able to do anything about it.
Everyone is praying a lot.  They are playing music for Carol Sue and there are cute pictures of the boys on the walls so she can see her darling grandsons when she wakes up.

Carol Sue has such a sweet soul.  When she wakes in pain she is polite and gentle.  It's remarkable.
She is filled with a dear heart....and we want her to get better.

We come home Saturday night so Katie could do homework on Sunday and so that we could have our little Quiet Life Comment Section gathering for Di.
Di arrived Sunday a little after ten with her wonderful sister-in-law, with whom she got to spend a few days with in Wausau.

At 1:00 the fun began.

pictured: me, mary ziegler from illinois, diane wheeler from california, anita klumpers from wi and karen finnessy fro wi.

We had such a nice time.  I think you would like to hear how Anita described the visit;

"It was a sweet time.
The Dutch have a word—‘Gezellig’
It means cozy, warming, tender-friendly."

It was my birthday and the girls made me feel special and brought me presents!  How about that.
It was a party for Di and I got the presents!  :op

When in Madison....

On the way to the airport yesterday afternoon we stopped by Oscar Meyer to see the Weinermobile up close!  San Fransisco has the bridge.  We have the Weinermobile.  Boom!

Yesterday was an especially bad day for Carol so I watched my phone for updates all day...and prayed.

Omaha.  Madison.

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..."

~A Tale of Two Cities

I am very thankful that Di was able to come to Wisconsin. She had a great time! :o)
I had a great time too!

I am very thankful for the hundreds of people praying earnestly for Carol Sue and  for her family that loves her so much.

I am praying and hoping for a miraculous turn around for Carol Sue.
Join me if you feel called to do so.

With love and a full heart,
Donna Elsie


  1. Donna,
    Continuing to pray for Carol Sue.
    Glad you had a wonderful visit with friends. The picture of you with the 3 boys sums up what Grand-parenthood is all about! Thanks goodness we had our kids when we were young(er)
    Love, Nancy

  2. Yes! So hard! Plus I never had three that close together!

    1. I had my kids close, so glad I was young!! Bless your heart, Donna, mean it xxx

  3. Praying, so glad you were able to help, and yet be returned in time to celebrate Di, and your birthday! Lord, have mercy, and minister to Carol Sue and her family.

  4. So many prayers, my friend. For all of you. Love you. xo

  5. Strength and hope to you all! Come on Carol Sue---YOU CAN DO THIS!!

  6. Anonymous1:57 PM

    What a beautiful photo of you with Quiet Life readers/friends. I am so glad you were still able to get together in the middle of so much stress. I am sure your time together was sweet. I am still praying for Carol Sue.....that the Lord will heal this dear lady and bring her to full recovery.

    Debbie Z.

  7. Continuing prayers for Carol Sue. How wonderful that you were able to get together with some of the QL readers! What a blessing!

  8. I have been praying so hard for her. This is beyond frightening. Sending love. The group picture is fabulous. What beautiful girls.

  9. Still praying for Carol Sue. I'm sure Melinda is so, so thankful that you and Katie were able to go to them to watch the boys. Nothing like having family there to put minds at ease with babysitting. And I know your boys loved having you two there with them.

    Happy birthday. It looks like a great time was had by all. I wanna see the Weinermobile!

  10. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Love your post Donna.........It covers the complete roller coaster ride you've been on this past week. Hopefully God will bring Carol to a complete recovery and all our prayers for her will be answered in the best possible way. Your friends were a delight and I was so happy to meet them and get to celebrate YOU on your actual birthday! Thanks for everything you do Donna, you are a complete blessing to me. Karen F.

  11. Praying our merciful God will bring complete healing to Carol Sue!

  12. Praying more&more for Carol Sue! Such a great blog post. Life is so up-and-down and the good is with the bad, but I am comforted these days so much by knowing that God goes before me through it all (I just seem to forget when things are good!). Especially praying for Melinda and her family. It is so hard to see strong, helpful MOM so helpless. Not many things are worse. But the good in the post was so good! The picture of the boys and then you sleeping was hilarious!! Happy Belated Birthday!

  13. Amy J in WI8:07 AM

    Wow....your life is not very quiet these days, is it Donna? Many prayers for Carol Sue. So thankful you were able to help out in Omaha. Those boys like they have a lot of energy. Bringing Katie was super smart!

  14. Anonymous2:06 PM

    Ah, Donna you have such a way with words and photographs. I feel like I was (almost) there! It so touched me to see Di's hand resting on your shoulder in the group picture. In times of trouble, friends who care are worth more than precious jewels....they are precious jewels. ;-)

    We are praying for Carol Sue and will put her on our church prayer list. It was 66 this morning when we made our neighborhood prayer walk and the moon was so bright along with the stars and one planet we could not recognize. God's worldly wonders are magnificent.
    love and prayers for you each one, jep

  15. I prayed for Carol Sue this afternoon while I was waiting in the carpool line. Hope that she has healing days ahead.

  16. Fantastic post. I love the juxtaposition. I feel such different things for the two cities I've loved and called home.


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