Friday, September 18, 2015

Please do this.

In 1990 my sister Cindy helped my boys make plates.

I absolutely adore having this plate in the house still.


Every time I grab this plate and use it...well...I think of Matthew.
Those flying things are butterflies.  Matthew would never draw spaceships.
He is in the house and that is very sweet.  His tree is so abstract and interesting, isn't it?

Patrick drew the Ninja Turtles.  I am not sure if I gave him his plate of if it dropped and broke in two.
I think it was the later.  (It happened within the last few years but my memory is foggy on it...possibly from the trauma.)

The company that makes the plates is still in business.
Please.  Do this with your children or grandchildren.

You will be so happy you did!!

Link for plate kit on Amazon below:

Makit Plate

Emma is coming on Saturday!  She is going to the Packers vs Seattle game on Sunday with her dad.
Di is coming Monday!  She will be here briefly and then go off with Stephanie for a retreat.
It's going to be in the low 70ºs and I think Di will be di-lighted!

Happy Friday friends!

Lots of love,


  1. Di-lighted? Di-over-the-moon! Yahoo!

    We love these plates. My MIL has one that Bren made her of him dunking the basketball. It was when he was probably only 3 or 4, and now he can dunk! I have one we had given to my mom when I was pregnant with Claire, so it is signed "Madelaine, Zack, Rex and 'Sport'" which is what we ironically called Claire in utero. My least sporty child (-:

    I think Matthew's tree is fascinating. My first thought was, "That is not a California child's abstract tree!"

    See you soon, Donna Elsie! Celebrate good times, COME ON!


    p.s. GO PACK.

    1. I'm a wee bit jelly, but mostly thrilled for you, Di. One of these days I am coming to California!

      Donna, this plate is precious.

  2. Another option is to see if you have a pottery painting place in your town. You pick an item, paint it, and then they fire it so the glaze sets. We have some fun items around the house from these over the years! I have a pencil cup on my desk that my daughter painted with my name, a spoon rest in the kitchen that I use all the time, and a lizard that my son painted basks on my windowsill. Another cool thing we have done as a teacher or coach gift is to have all the kids in the class/on the team put a handprint on and sign a platter. (I also have a plate like the above from one of my kids, but not all of them.)

  3. That's why I have so much art from my kids after all these years. It makes me happy to see it.
    Ethan made a mug a few years ago at a pottery place. I need to do this with my granddaughters. Thanks for the link!

  4. Amy J in WI12:14 PM

    We have plates too...Emily was in 6th grade, Andrew in 3rd and Carrie in Kindergarten. They are precious. And apparently last forever! Have fun with Di!

  5. you offer Very sage plate advice. Oh how I wish I had done that with my kiddos!- --On an even more important subject ... GO PACKERS! All the way from Cali, we are true blue Packer green!! :)

  6. Wishing Emma a wonderful weekend with you all. I laminated some drawings Al and Zach made long ago. I'm so glad I did. The plates are adorbs. Go Pack . GO CUBS

  7. Things like this are truly treasures. When my grandsons were small,and I was keeping them one weekend, I bought wooden trays from a craft store and painted them white. I had the boys "paint" the palms of their hands and press them down on the tray. We did this in several different colors. They gave them to their moms for Mothers Day. Now on FB, I see all kinds of "art" using small hand and footprints.

  8. Thank you so much for this idea!! I ordered it immediately...and since we have 4 girls (4 and under) and lots of grandparents (and I want to keep some plates for us, too), we ordered the 'teacher' pack, which has 50 pages to color instead of 8 or 10. We will get to work on these this month, and have Christmas covered for this year. :) Thanks again!

  9. I think I will buy those for my Mom to do with the grandkids. What a great idea. Thank you.

    I hope you have so much fun with your friend. How lovely. Perfect weather.


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