Monday, September 21, 2015

Emmy Red Carpet 2015

Well....  I was not crazy about many dresses last night.
I was not crazy about the host.
But some good things happened.

In 67 years of the Emmy awards no black woman has won best actress in a drama.

It's about time.

I read that before Scandal came on TV in 2012 the last time a black woman had a lead role in a drama was 1974.  That is just so crazy and terrible.

And here she is Viola Davis. You may remember her from The Help.  
I love her dress and her hair and her jewelry and her great spirit.

This is a step out of the box for me but I really did like this dress worn by Ellie Kemper.
It was 100º out there and I was really happy to see sleeveless dresses on the gals.
This dress looked really nice up close too.  The colors around the neck and the interesting design.

Naomi Watts in a quirky dress.  Metallic in the front and floral in the back.
I choose you.

Mindy loves color and it loves her back.  She is the coolest chic out there and I thought she looked amazing.

This dress was really neat and looked great on little Sarah Hyland.  

I love Edie Falco in this dress.  I want to wear this kind of dress and in fact it reminds me of my wedding dress.  Her necklace was ruby and diamonds and went so well with the pretty red flowers.  I really think she looked amazing.

My favorite dress of the night was worn by Regina King.  

So pretty.  Katie loved it too!

That's about it for my faves.  Not so many.

But then....I saw this...

Allison Williams got married over the weekend.  You may know her from Peter Pan.  Her dad is Brian Williams.

Gorgeous Oscar de la Renta dress on a lovely bride.  
I just knew you would like to see this!

Did you have any favorites?  Do you like these?

I jumped from the Packers to the Emmys and it was great. I watched the good parts of both programs.


In serious news, Melinda's mom was in a bad car accident on Saturday night. She wrecked her ankle and had to have surgery on it.  She has cuts and bruises and some internal injuries which I'm not completely sure about.  Her recovery will be long and hard.  (I am very thankful she will have a recovery tho...that does not escape me.)  We would love prayers for healing and pain relief.
Her name is Carol Sue.  
Thank you so much friends.

Encourage one another,


  1. These are lovely, especially the wedding gown. I'm a bit uncertain about Ellie, but I trust your expertise, dear Donna :-)

    Prayers going up on behalf of Carol Sue right now. Lord, have mercy - and hasten her healing.

  2. P.S. Brava to Viola!!! She looks stunning, and what a talent!

  3. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Lifting Carol Sue up now!

    Kristi in LV

  4. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Have Wi Fi, will pray....Dear God, please guide the doctors and nurses attending Carol Sue. Be with her in her recovery period and give her Your peace. Love her by the gentle help and caring of her friends and family through this ordeal. Be her comfort in this time. God, in Your mercy, please hear our prayers. Amen

    Pretty dresses. Thanks for sharing. love and prayers, jep

  5. Praying for Carol Sue and all those who love her and will care for her during her recovery.

    Love the wedding dress -- so, so pretty. Edie Falco's dresses was one of my favorites. Many thanks for the recap!

  6. Prayers for Carol Sue. Scary but also grateful.

  7. Anonymous9:43 PM

    Praying for Carol Sue. May her recovery go better than expected and may she feel God's comfort.

    Debbie Z.

  8. Praying for Carol Sue, Donna. And Melinda and the whole family. Recovery is a good thing.

    I like your picks. That second one reminds me of a dress I had in the 70's!
    Thanks for sharing the wedding photo. I'm not a fan of strapless wedding gowns and love when there's a variation on that. It's beautiful. (I thought Allison did a great job as Peter Pan.)

  9. Prayers for Carol Sue's recovery.

  10. Oh no. I will pray for her right now. God please bless Miss Carol Sue.

    How unique is that dress with flowers in the back and metal in the front? Wow. Who thinks of these things?

    At the last wedding I shot, the bride wore a vintage lace dress from Australia. I thought of you approximately a hundred times while I was photographing her dress. I could hear your praises for it in the back of my head.

  11. Hmmmm. The only dress I like is....the wedding dress. It's lovely.

    Lots of prayers for Carol Sue. <3


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