Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Our baby, Benjamin Button.

This hungry baby robin is in the wreath on our front porch.

This hungry baby robin is in the wreath on our front porch.

Translucent skin. I'm not sure if this little guy will make it. Not sure if other eggs will hatch. So fragile. #youcandoit

Kathyb said it needed a name.

Benjamin Button came to mind right away.

Here is Benjamin Button today. Still looks sickly to me. Other eggs have not hatched.  Momma is still taking care on BB.

Minutes ago.  Benjamin is growing that is for sure.  He still looks sickly to me...but I don't know what is normal for birdie growth.  You can see the other eggs have not hatched.

His momma sits on him and feeds him so that is good.  Momma birds are not always the most attentive moms.


Volleyball today.
School tomorrow.

Sophomore in high school.


Oh how time flies.

Encourage one another.


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  2. Benjamin Button is perfect for the little bird! I hope Katie has a blessed year. Today is Kaishon's second day. Bria is not with us this year, and I worry that Kaish is so different he won't have anywhere to fit. As hard as it was having Bri last year, at least I knew Kaish always had a friend. He doesn't seem worried about his social life at all. I asked him who he sat with at lunch on the first day and he said he didn't sit with anyone. He told me he was busy meeting all of his friends and saying hello to all of the people that he missed over the summer. Oh, Miz Booshay.

    On another happier note, your friends dishes are are at Walmart! Does that make you happy? It is probably much busier than Kohl's or Macy's. Hopefully she will have lots and lots of merchandise sell. I am going to buy my Mom some of her pretty plates.

  3. Amy J in WI11:17 AM

    The first picture is great...maybe he thought you were his mother? Best wishes for a great start to the school year for Katie. Go Wildcats!

  4. Anonymous12:00 PM

    Donna, I always enjoy your posts. I don't want to burst your bubble about the bird's nest in your wreath, but I must share what happened in regard to a bird that nested in the wreath on my aunt's front door! For a time, she was thrilled to have the birds in residence.

    HOWEVER, it is not uncommon for birds to have mites. WELL, the mites got into their home and in a short amount of time it was infested with them. They had to have exterminators, etc. come and treat the inside and the outside of their home and it necessitated washing all their bedding in HOT water, etc. etc. It was an ordeal - and an expense.

    If I were you, I think I'd try to relocate the wreath away from your home.

  5. are you My Mother? I LOVE your image of Benjamin Talking! He is so sweet. My goodness look at those feathers growing? Are you digging up worms for mom and leaving them on the porch? Haha. Just leave your sprinkler on for a bit and she'll be able to dig up your worms for baby Ben.
    By the way, Katie is BEAUTIFUL. Great image of your baby girl

  6. no way! that is rich! birdie-love. soon their will be 'singing.' :)

  7. Benny the bird is adorable.

    Good luck with volleyball and sophomore year, dear Katie!

  8. We had a sweet little family of quail in our backyard...6 babies and I believe only 2 youngsters lived through what was a VERY hot week. I hope Ben does well.

    Go Katie!!!

  9. Have a fabulous year, Katie!

    Best of luck to Benjamin and his family.


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