Friday, September 11, 2015

The Accidental Gardener

Every year for as long as I can remember I stick two tomato plants in warm, well lit spot with terrible soil.
Every year the cherry tomato plants do well.  They are sweet and plentiful.
Every year the larger tomatoes do not turn red.  Maybe one.
The others sit on the vine as it starts to cool down and then freeze.
Remaining green.

I am always so sad and disappointed so I go and purchase home grown tomatoes at local farm stands.  There is just nothing better than a home grown tomato.... other than fresh strawberries.

This year I bought my plants at our local grocery store.  I thought I was buying a cherry and a German striped.  Why not?  But as has happened numerous times before...this pop-up garden center at the grocery store got their signs mixed up.  The cherry tomatoes are quite acidy and not sweet at all.  There is no joy in picking one and popping it into my mouth.  Kind of icky.
BUT the German striped tomatoes are not German striped tomatoes.
Who knows what they are...a small regular tomato as far as I can tell.

BUT.  They have been turning red for weeks.  I am getting red tomatoes this year.
Our summer has been very cool yet they are ripening and they are very good.

So I was wondering about it out loud to my husband who does not care about tomatoes.  At all.

"Isn't it strange that this cool summer the tomatoes are ripening?  They never have before."

And Patrick said, "It's because I have been watering them."

'You have?"

"Yes, it's been dry as dust out there."

Patrick, who really has no interest in the pets or the plants apparently
takes a great interest in their hydration.

Way to go Patrick.  I think the water might have made a difference.

I thank you.
My liver sausage sandwich thanks you.

Your wife.

Who has the green thumb around here? Answer on blog.


  1. They look delicious! I am a bad plant waterer, therefore I am a bad gardener. My mama can stand and water her flowers with the garden hose for hours it seems. Yay for Mamas and Patricks!

    1. same here, Southern Gal, from another southern gal. One of the strongest ways I remember my mom is seeing her standing by her flower beds with that garden hose. Me? I hate heat & mosquitos too much, so my poor flower beds are a droopy, brownish version of hers.

  2. Good job!
    My thumb is not green, but I try ~

  3. Awww...what a guy! My 18 year old daughter has been watering my plants for me this summer. I always forget!

  4. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Such a cute post Donna. Water.............huh, who knew? Karen F.

  5. I think that means he loves you

  6. Anonymous12:50 AM

    This is a great story. I love it. I love tomatoes. Patrick loves you.
    Kristi in LV

  7. they look divine -- the picture of freshness and summer. Enjoy! Nothing better than a tomato from the garden!

  8. Such a cute story and so typical of Patrick...quietly doing his thing, watering tomatoes. :)

  9. Axelle the french reader11:46 AM

    Donna, this made me laugh so much ! For sure, water went for something in the fact they became red ! And you know what ? The more you'll give them water, the more they will be sugared and delicious ! ... Of course, if there's sun too :)
    Big Up to your Husband !! :D

  10. Anonymous9:51 PM

    So glad your tomatoes ripened well this year. I just picked some from our vines this evening and we had BLTs. I cooked the bacon your way, in the oven, and it came out perfect. Your earlier suggestion is just genius. The house smells less like bacon after cooking and it turns out browned, crisp, and delicious. Thank you, Donna!

    Debbie Z.

  11. :) Every year I allow seedlings from last year's tomatoes to grow, so that makes for lots of green tomatoes around here, also, since the plants get such a late start. But what I've always done? Bring in all the green tomatoes before the freeze, place them in brown paper bags, then let them ripen in a dark cupboard. They always turn red beautifully. Every year.

    Enjoyed your post! (But then, I always do.):) Blessings, Debra


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