Saturday, September 14, 2019

Stay safe. Eat cake.

Happy Saturday!

How's everyone!? 

The empty-nest life is okay!  
Katie seems happy and is adjusting well to college. 
Classes are good and hard :o)
She is making friends.

What more can you ask for?

I have been slowly getting back to my little job as Special Ed assistant.
I worked one day last week and have three scheduled for next week.
It is always interesting work.  And have I told you how much I love music class?
I missed my calling.  I love taking the children to music class best of all.

Not taking a full time/part time job with the schools was very intentional.
I need to be free to visit the kids when they need me.  Especially Emma this fall.
Baby Franklin is due in November and Emma has asked me to come down!  Melinda will most likely be there too!  
Emma is doing very well and she and James can't wait to meet their little girl.
(month seven!  how fast it goes when it is not you :o)

I plan on going to see the Downton Abbey movie next weekend! I can't wait!
I think just hearing the music will make me cry!

Fat shaming has not gone away.  It's as bad as ever.
Thanks for speaking up James.  
You are more than your weight.  It is not a moral issue.
Oh, so much more.

Ginny says
Happy September
(She had a wonky eye when she was little.  I don't notice it so much now.
She is seven now and considered....geriatric. 
That's goofy.

Love and hugs.
Encourage one another,



  1. That was an awesome clip. Happy September Ginny. I have a scarf just like yours. I've spoken to teachers who know they couldn't get through the day without their Special Ed assistants. You are a hero!
    Glad Emma is feeling well. You'll have so much fun being the grandma-in-residence for awhile! My folks stayed with us when Sam was born and I wanted to keep them forever. Oh good! Empty-nesting is going well for you! (I always love a visit to Quiet Life.)

    1. I always love a comment for witty friendly Anita :o)

  2. My heart is happy when I see a new QL post! So glad Katie is doing well at school. And how wonderful that you are free to go help Emma. Can’t wait to hear about baby Franklin. James Corden is a hero. xoxo

  3. Jean in Stitzer10:26 PM

    I looked at your picture of Ginny and remembered when she was just a pup. They all grow up too fast, but our fuzzy friends grow old way too soon. I drove by your town yesterday and thought of you. Our houses are a bit too quiet now, aren't they? And I only have one kitty left. Love you.

  4. I love this chatty kind of post!

    Amen to what James said about Fat Shaming.

    I'm set to see Downton Movie in Saturday! I can't wait!!!

    P.S. Hooray for Baby Franklin!

  5. I can only comment on your blog from a computer, not from any device. :) Oh well! C'est la vie, right? Thanks for being back. I'm so very glad.

  6. love this, love you, love ginny. just a whole lotta love! miss you guys :~}

    1. Hi Katie Gracie Booshay!!! Love you so much!


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