Monday, September 23, 2019

Miz Booshay: Imaginary Stylist to the stars.

The Emmy Awards were on last night and I was right there taking notes and searching for pictures.
I have to say my new laptop made this years red carpet easier than ever! 
The announcers did not make it easier because they were trying not to be superficial and didn't ask, 'Who are you wearing?'

There were plenty of ball gowns, but I was not in the mood for over the top glamour this year.
Here is what I loved last night.

I like this lavender dress because it is fancy but not too grand.  It's feminine and sweet.

If you asked me ten years ago what I thought of odd colored hair, I would have said, no way!
But one look at Kelly Osbourne in this very dark purple hair and my opinion instantly changed.
I think this looks so pretty on her.  The prettiest she's ever looked.

Padma wearing a gorgeous icy blue gown.  Love.

I liked this unusual black and white gown.

Shout out to my favorite television family.
The Schitts, from Schitt's Creek.

I love the bold magenta and the unstructured black bows!

It was 95º last night. Amy Sedaris had it right.
I like what she is wearing.  It's fun and cute.  Petula Clark, is that you?

Christina Applegate wearing Vera Wang.  
It's pretty perfect.

I think is dress is just lovely.  I love the design and the color and the silver accents.
It's my favorite.

Stunning PINK column dress!  Love it.

This may be my second favorite dress of the night.  I love the color and the design and  relaxed feel that the ruffle on the bottom gives the dress.  It's the casual look I was hoping to see for these awards.

What do you think?

I have one thing to say about the Emmy voters.
They are dark.  They do not go for the feel good all.
It's gotta be dirty or violent or bizarre to win.

ah well....

I don't get my hopes up for my faves to win.  And actually one of my faves is violent and bizarre, now that I think of it.
Why do I love Killing Eve?
I think I love it because I am surprised by it.  The characters are different and the stories are crazy.
It keeps my interest.  

But anyway....
Pretty dresses 
fluffy fluff fluff

Encourage one another,


  1. You have good taste, Donna!

    I totes agree about Kelly Osbourne's hair. She carries it off perfectly.

    I love yellow dress; is that Busy Phillips?

    My problem is I only have Swiss Netflix shows. No "Killing Eve", no "Schitt's Creek". Sad!

    As for dark, you did enjoy Umbrella Academy, as did I. THAT one we had on our Netflix.

    Thanks for the overview!

    1. Yes, that is Busy. I'm so happy to see you in the comments! I miss my Swiss Miss.

  2. Debra H10:22 AM

    I absolutely agree with you about Killing Eve. One of the best shows I’ve seen since Breaking Bad, and yes, so awful and violent. Can’t figure it out because I hate violence, but the writing and acting are so incredible. I have seen Jodie Comer in several things now because I am an Anglophile, and she is a wonderful actress and seems so attracted to oddball characters and does them wonderfully. And she and Sandra Oh complement each other well in Killing Eve.

    1. I too have gone and watched all Jodie Comer shows! You know I adored Breaking Bad. I think it's the best show ever. The writing. The acting....but oh my word, talk about dark. I watched Fleabag because Phobe wrote Killing Eve. But really the first season of Fleabag is really crass. Very dirty. Season Two is tons better. Less sex. Much less.
      I forgot about Umbrella Academy. haha. The show I wanted to win the most was Schitt's Creek.

  3. I simply love Busy! I just finished listening to her book. It’s a lot. She’s a lot. That is what makes her all the more special. I’m so happy you loved her dress. I kind of thought you might.
    Why didn’t we text last night? 🧐
    Love you
    Mean it

    1. Hi Cheryl,
      Glad you enjoyed the show....and the fashions. It was toned down a little...not the jewels we see at the Oscars. But it's kind of a weird tradition to dress up in ball gowns to get an award. But I'm glad they do it. hehe

      Love you right back!

  4. Love that Moira and crew! I’ve started yelling, “David?! Alexis?!” just like her to my own kids when I need them(and their names are not David and Alexis)! ❤️ Don’t even watch the Emmy’s because I can’t watch dark and violent stuff, and you post all I want to know!!

    I am a short dress girl...short person, short legs, short that little short sparkly dress is my favorite. And the pink on the Gray’s Anatomy lady is stunning, but she needs to smile already. Looks very confused. I’m sure she’s a lovely person!

    1. How sweet is Schitt's Creek?
      Sandra 0h in the pink dress needs a new hair style. Just saying.

  5. I wanted This Is Us or Schitts Creek to win, but knew they were a long shot. Molly loves Mrs. Maisel and is after me to watch it. The yellow and pink are my faves!

    1. I loved everything about Mrs. Maisel except for the way too many F words coming from the wrong people at the wrong time. The music, stories, styling and writing are all great!! But...the f word is jarring. (And you know I can take the f-word. (Hello Breaking Bad and In Bruge.))

  6. Anonymous11:54 PM

    I love the lavender dress. All the tiers make it so Gone With the Wind and feminine and beautiful. I also like Christina Applegate's dress. I wouldn't necessarily pick gray for a formal gown, and yet it looks so classy on her. Love your recaps!

    Debbie Z.

    1. Ya know, I thought Christina's dress was lavender. It was prettier in person...while watching it on tv.


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