Sunday, September 15, 2019

stupid comments

Hi friends!
In the previous post I have a lovely comment from Anita.
I have tried to comment on my own blog for an hour to no avail.

I followed the instructions and tested it.
I've sent feedback to Blogger.

I have only been at this for FIFTEEN years.


Maybe tomorrow it will work.
After all tomorrow is another day.

I love hearing from you.



  1. Hey guys,
    I did some research.
    The comments feature does not work well with Safari.
    It prefers Google Chrome.
    I installed it and I can now comment.
    That's as much as I understand at this point.

  2. This is a test. jep

  3. Donna, I just tried to comment in Firefox AND it worked!!!!
    love and prayers always, jep

    1. Oh my goodness!!
      It’s JEP :)

    2. I am so thankful to be able to come say "Hello" again!

  4. Anonymous11:44 PM

    Hi Donna! So glad you got things working! I've been meaning to tell you- you inspired me and I laid some heavy hints about Cornishware. My husband bought me a small mixing bowl and a pudding bowl for my birthday. I was honestly surprised because I had only said how much I love it, and pointed it out on the Great British Bake-Off when they were stirring up cakes. I ADORE the bowls and have been having so much fun using them. I can't wait to see Downtown! How I wish a bunch of Quiet Life readers could see it together.
    : )

    Debbie Z.

    1. I'm going next week by myself to see Downton Abbey. I prefer going to movies alone. I'm such a people-pleaser. I am always concerned about whether or not the person(s) with me are enjoying to movie as much (or as little!) as I am. Alone, I can eat my popcorn and enjoy the movie. :)

    2. That is so cool that you are loving the Cornishware! I adore following the owner on Instagram! I am ready to buy a few orange cups and want to get a few more things.
      I can't wait for Downton!!!! I wish I could go with you too!

  5. It's so good to see you blogging more often! Facebook is great, but it does not seem to quiet my soul like reading blogs does. Weird, I know...Facebook just seems so busy and hurried. So I'm glad I can enjoy a little "Quiet Life"!

    1. Im so glad you stopped by :o)
      Facebook just irritates me and frustrates me. Same posts over and over and so many ads.
      I wanted to reconnect with the lovely group of people here!!!
      It is more peaceful and friendly :o)
      And no ads. haha


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