Monday, April 19, 2004

Curriculum Fun

Let the Planning Begin.

Curriculum planning is one of my favorite jobs as a homeschool mom.

I have eight classes in mind right now...this is too many. Emma is a doll of a student...but I think to cover things in depth and well I better think about thinning.

Geometry- Christian Light or Chalkdust
History- 400-1600 Lots of books!
Lewis/Tolkien Writing Class -Oxford Tutorial
Art- Exploring Art -Oak Meadow School or Potter's School Art
Science-Apologia Science or Physical Science NorthStar
English- Warriners Grammar and composition 5
Logic- Traditional Logic
Latin- Henle

We have not used any correspondence courses but this will be the year to try it out; now that our computer is fast, fast, fast.
I think I will let Emma choose between Logic and Art as her 'elective'. I know what I would take :o)

I took Art History when I was a Junior in college and was fortunate to go to Florence Italy two weeks later...It was the coolest thing ever.

Everything I saw in the books was right there in front of me.

The David

Here is a funny Grandma Hansen story about the David...

I took three photos of the David while in Florence. He is very tall. The pictures are full length. David is naked.
As I was showing Grandma the photos of my trip she remarked, "One picture of him would have been enough."

I had almost forgotten he was naked...oops...Sorry Grandma :o)

Don't be shy

If you have used any of the above curriculum and want to share your opinions on it...or if you have a favorite that is not mentioned...drop me a line!

Encourage one another,

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