Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Until my techie wakes up...

This digitally enhanced photo is by a guy named Tom Croizer, from Wisconsin.

I think I should be on the Wisconsin Arts council...if there is such a thing....

I just love our Wisconsin artists!
Anyway...The Picture is titled Mineral Point Rd.
That is just around the corner from us...
Pretty, huh?


The kids made $900 (profit) selling those yummy Krispy Kremes in one day!
They will do this a few more times before the Summer Youth Group Trip.

The donuts did not sell very well at Wal-mart so they came back to our little town and set up 'shoppe'.

You know folks are looking for a deal at Wal-mart...not coming to spend $6.50 on donuts :o)

Thanks for the tax hug, Alaska :o)

I survived the meeting...
We came away with loads of dough...
Remind me next year not to fret!

The Sweet Potato Queens' Big A** Cookbook
(and Financial Planner)

Yes, you read that correctly. I am reading this book. Smiling and snickering all the way.

The recipe's are a riot: Pig Candy, which is bacon and brown sugar, The Gooiest Cake in the World, Gorilla Casserole, Twinkie Pie. You name it...they eat it!

The head Queen Jill Connor Browne is sassy with a capitol 'S'...but I get a kick out of woman like her!

Here is what Queen Jill has to say about aging;

"Moles have started to reproduce themselves at will all over your body but show a particular fondness for your chest, neck, and back. One might be considered a "beauty mark"; one thousand and you've moved past overkill-it's distracting at best."

"One of the reasons your eyesight is so poor is that your upper eyelids are spending most of their time hanging down into your actual line of sight instead of perching up there above your eyes displaying eye shadow, the way nature intended."

The book is good for a laugh and a few recipe's...the financial planning, well, let's say, it's intended for humor too.

I have always been such a straight arrow....I may have an inner Sweet Potato Queen trying to get out.


Encourage one another,

Photo of Janet and her family coming soon...It 's fabulous!

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