Monday, April 05, 2004

The Passion

Janice asks in the comments, "Have you seen The Passion?"

No, I haven't.

Katie and I are the family holdouts :o)

The boys saw it at college. Emma and her father went together. Everyone thought it was powerful.

I feel I could not handle the violence. I will watch it at home where I can leave the room or fast forward.

I have a hard time with violence.

I walked out of Taxi Driver...the killing was horrible at the end...

I was stuck in the middle of a huge crowd for Platoon...couldn't get out.
Even the music breaks my heart when I hear it.

Saving Private Ryan was saved for home viewing and I just didn't watch the first 45 min.
Still didn't like the movie....Polyanna here...all the good guys die. Booo!
There's No killing Tom Hanks in a movie!
Well I guess there is...How about the ending of Philadelphia....When they are showing movies of the little boys playing and Neil Young is singing in the background. No violence....just violent sobs....

I have not seen Braveheart, The Patriot or The Matrix. Actually I saw bit of the Matrix....the part where that thing goes in him...whatever...icky, creepy, gross.

AND as soon as folks started getting hit in the face with large round pointy things, I stopped watching The Gladiator!!!

So you can imagine my horror at watching Our Savior being tortured. I believe it is true. And that it was probably just as awful as Gibson represents. I believe that beyond the physical suffering and the physical separation from His Father in Heaven (which is a mystery) Jesus took on all the SIN of the world at that moment. I believe it was even worse than it looks!!!

I do not need to see with my eyes what I already believe to be true in my heart.
I am eternally grateful and awed for His sacrifice.
I am even more thrilled that He rose from the grave...
Easter Sunday is wonderful!

My favorite Religious movie of all time is The King of Kings (1961).

Our father called us all down( to the little family room in the basement) to watch it when we were young.
I was eight. It made a big impression on me. It was shown during the Easter season on television....back in the day.

This I can recommend to your whole family.

Encourage one another,

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