Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Man, we could make this thing fly!

It was a strange gift. I thought...
I don't remember anyone asking for it. Our father just brought it home for us one Christmas.
It was odd to think of our father buying things...but he did...things like records and circus peanuts...
and a little girls vanity and a tandem.
A tandem for his girls.

Well it was a big ole thing to ride but once we got it going we could fly! We would race to town on a Saturday afternoon....in five minutes we were at the in-between popcorn shoppe, downtown Wheaton.

I remember peddling so hard and fast and my feet slipping off the pedals. Then the trick of getting my feet back on the whirling spinning pedals while a sister or friend would continue to pedal like a maniac. It was so fun and fast and silly and exhausting. It was a wonderful ride!

It is very weird to ride a tandem alone. Sometimes it was necessary to go and pick up a friend. But it was a very lonely ride.

It's kinda like driving a car with your friends in the backseat...and no one up front with you.
Oh the horrors....

That was just the funniest thing to do to your friend wasn't it? Everybody jump in the back seat and insist your friend chauffeur you!

"No way! I am not going anywhere until someone gets in the front seat with me!"

It was fun being a teenager. It was just plain fun.

Encourage one another.

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