Monday, April 12, 2004


Our oldest son graduates from college in four weeks. I have a lot of work to do on his graduation present...the photo album! eekkk.... I've gotta get in the habit of working on it, bit by bit. It will come together. But you know that feeling as a deadline approaches and you are not in gear yet???

Another thing that gives me a sick feeling....every going to get the taxes done at our friendly neighborhood H and R Block. We usually get a I don't know why I am so scared...
It is one of the worst tasks I face in the whole year!

I will go this afternoon. Breathe in, Breathe out....

Your time has come!

Congratulations Phil Mickelson

Besides being a family of golfers...we also love to watch golf.
Phil Mickelson is known as the best golfer to never win a major.
He put that to rest yesterday with a very exciting birdie on the 18th hole.
He won the Masters. Which in my opinion (not worth much) is the coolest Major to win. I mean how about that green jacket?

Good for you Phil!

And from my perspective...ya gotta love a guy with three little blonde children four and under :o)

Emma went to see Ella Enchanted yesterday. She thought it was cute and 'clean'.

We rented Something's Gotta Give this weekend. I think it is such a funny movie.
Patrick thinks Jack is funny no matter what....
Diane Keaton was just great.

We love the eyeglass mixup, the viagra jokes, the jokes about killing Jack off in her play,
and I think her loud sobbing was really funny.

The music is very sweet too. I swear the same person did the music as in Term of Endearment or something very familiar...but I just can't place it exactly. I tried to find it on IMDB but didn't succeed.

The important thing about Easter...

The important thing about Easter is that He lives.
He lives within my heart.

I had a conversation this weekend with a skeptical family member. A faithful churchgoer...who isn't quite sure the whole thing is TRUE. So I was kinda at a loss when I couldn't point to the Bible and is the Truth. And then on Sunday when we sang 'He lives' in church , it hit me...
I know it is true because He lives within my heart. The holy spirit comes to live in our hearts when we believe. "Greater is He that is in me than He that is in the world"

Probably wouldn't have made a difference had I said it...but the tears rolled down my eyes as I sang the song in church and realized how true they were and how these words should be the first thing I think of next time it comes up.

He lives within my heart!

Encourage one another,

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