Saturday, April 17, 2004


For those of you who had problems leaving comments and getting to Quiet Life yesterday...
So sorry...
I still don't know what the problem is, however I have written blogspot to see 'what's up?'

I would still love to hear your beauty secrets if you have not posted about them already.


We are having an early and warm spring here in Southern Wisconsin.

It is lovely and fresh. There is growing and greening and sprouting all around.
We had a fat ole fly buzzing and bumping into walls yesterday.

It is never too early to go outside to play!

Through the meadow April comes,
Leaving, as he passes,
Companies of daffodils
All among the grasses.

Tulips round about the door,
Ranged in martial order;
Violets in sweet array,
Up and down the border.

And beside the lily-pond,
Mindful of its sleepers,
Guards of light frittillaries,
For its fairy keepers.

Sow your fine chrysanthemums
While he blithely passes,
Dahlias too, and thrift, to blow
All among your grasses.
-Dolly Radford

Encourage one another

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