Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Dopey goes to the voting booth

Yesterday was voting day here in our little corner of the world. The Superintendent of schools and two building referendums.

I was urged to vote by two emails I received. Both emails included links (that did not tell me much) But I think I spotted something that mentioned the republican was very friendly to homeschoolers.

So off I skipped to the library to vote. I thought I will just vote for the person that has --Republican written next to his name.

Imagine my surprise and horror when I looked at the ballot and party affiliation was not listed! Oh no....who do I vote for?

I guessed. I think the guy had a name that started with 'U'

Ah, the democratic process. Guessing.

Well no matter. The incumbent won by 75% and not by one vote.


Word to the wise....

If you want me to vote for your guy...just tell me the dude's name.


I know a few of you watched the dog show last night.
Who did you like?

For those of you who missed it, the German Shorthair Pointer won.
Fine looking dog.
Strike a pose and hold it!

What is your favorite dog breed?

I am leaning toward the Golden Retriever because they seem to be loving dogs...don't want to terrorize my friends ever again.

From Cindy Y. in the comments;

Was Cooper a Tibetan Terrier? He seemed MUCH larger than the dog in the picture. My only memory of ever being afraid of a dog in my whole life is connected with your Cooper. Do you remember the time that I brought Christmas cookies to you one night. . .and then as I walked into your house I tripped on your threshold and fell in Emma's general direction? Cooper must have thought I was lunging at her and. . .well, I thought my life was over. . .me on the floor and Cooper coming at me snarling.

He was very protective. And he was pretty. But he never liked me, did he?

He didn't like anyone :o(

So if I ever get a dog again, my number one concern will be, is this a gentle, friendly dog.


P.s. When I was little and I would show my father my report card, he would say, "'D' is for dandy."

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