Friday, February 25, 2005

Friday Five: The Hope Chest

Well how about that! I have won a prize. Carmon from Buried Treasure sent word that I have won third prize in the Azanou blogathon prize drawing.

The prize is a copy of Rebekah Wilson's book The Hope Chest:A legacy of love.

"A hope chest. What is it and what should be placed inside? Are they too old-fashioned for today's modern families? These questions and many more are answered in this wonderfully insightful book. Written by a mother of seven, Rebekah Wilson covers areas of the hope chest most people have never before considered. Using excerpts from by-gone era's, quotes from today's busy mothers and the authors research and enthusiasm for the topic, the author has provided her readers with encouragement, insight and many areas for heartfelt consideration. Many people have heard of the hope chest, but few know the unique value of creating one. Not only do the material items in the chest provide value, but the skills learned while creating items offers a lifelong heritage rarely found today. Whether the items are handmade or specially purchased, or whether they are family heirlooms or a childhood treasure, each item provides a unique legacy for the owner. If you have considered starting a hope chest for someone you love, this book is a wonderful place to start..."

And just this week Noel recommended putting away some of my knitting in a hope chest...and I thought, 'what a great idea!'

So of course this brings me round to the Friday Five :o)

1. Did you have a hope chest?
2. Did your mother?
3. What would you like to have in your imaginary hope chest from your parents?
4. What handiwork could you teach your child that would benefit them in the future?
5. List three books you would place in your child's hope chest?

You know, my boys left home first...
They each took along their handmade quilts, down quilts, pillows and the photo albums I made for them.

I guess I will have to wait and read to book to see where the boys stood in all of this...perhaps they got livestock when they left home :o)

Just by starting today and placing special items aside you are creating a hope chest. Your hope chest may start out as a shoebox and grow into a larger roomier box.
-Rebekah Wilson

Imagine the possibilities.


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