Monday, February 28, 2005

My favorites

Cate Blanchet looked elegant in this lovely dress. Her little purse matches her sash. She won my best dressed last year when she was expecting a wee one. The lady has style and class.

Young Natalie Portman looked 'ancient' in her Grecian theme gown. But I especially liked her hair and makeup.

Many women wore dresses that were mermaid-like and very tight around the knees. Poor (ha ha) Renee Z. had to take baby steps out to the microphone because her dress was so tight.

The women looked just right this year.

The men...just okay.

And Johnny Deep can just be thankful that Spike Lee showed up this year....cause without Spike Lee's goofy outfit and horrendous glasses, Johnny Deep would have taken worst dressed.

Ya shoulda seen Spike Lee's little black velvet fez. Ugly.

And that what they are wearing in France?


The show was pretty dull...
The music was terrible. The five nominated songs were boring and poorly executed. Beyonce sang three of them and all I could think of was, 'is she the best singer they could find?'

Chris Rock, the host, was funny. But Sean Penn took offense at Rock's jokes about the lack of "real movie stars" and stood up for the dissed actors and actresses.

I think that kinda took the wind out of Rock's sails.

At least there was a little drama. Thanks Sean :o)

The show ended at 10:30!!! That was one to one and a half hours shorter then it usually runs! So the producers shortened the show...that's for sure...but somehow they took out a lot of the fun too.

Next year they need to work on putting some fun into the show.

I'm available for a consultation :o)

Back to real life, home and family, where I will accomplish all of my daily tasks with joy.... in my black skirt and black and white checked blouse, a little mascara, and bare feet.

Have fun!

And encourage one another,

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