Monday, February 07, 2005

finished objects

Pair two of the Koigu mitten experience. Koigu is a delight to knit with.
I love the color play.
I think I will try a pair of socks with Koigu next. It is merino wool but it feels like cotton.

Just finished this ribbon scarf. It is a little shiny in person. This was made as a fashion scarf not a warmth scarf.
What do you think?


Last night I happened upon the most glorious wedding story on the Food Network. It was Paula Deen's wedding. She was joyful and funny and beautiful. Her life looks like a dream....a movie...and that could have fooled me when I was a young girl, but this old girl noticed something very important. Paula Deen and her sons work very hard. Very very hard.

It all looks so lovely and dreamy but it is not the whole story.

And it is not true of any person you will ever meet. Everyone struggles, even if it doesn't look like it...the trials are there.

So what makes a person glow like Paula Deen? It is her attitude. Her positive, live it up attitude.

I used to be a dreamer.

I'm not so much of a dreamer anymore...but the hard work and struggles are what make the good times even gooder :o)

I think I can create my own little dream world right here in Wisconsin. It may not be warm, oceanside, glorious Savannah. But, ya know, I think the dream is 90% attitude anyway!

Positive attitude + hard work + grateful heart = a sweet life.

I'm off to live it up, in my own way!

Encourage one another,

p.s. Hey Matthew!!! I didn't forget you, son! Happy 20th Birthday!!!
We love you!

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