Saturday, February 05, 2005

It's rubbing off

Introducing the newest blogger in the family--

Emma @ Iridescentglow

Emma is funny, she doesn't make a big production out of things. In fact this morning I was surprised to see the post and picture she put up yesterday.

It's a knitting picture. Does that entice you to take a peek? tee hee

Now I know most of us older ladies won't be spending a whole lot of time reading teen blogs BUT I know there are a few young gals who read this blog--a hem--
Laura and Elizabeth-- and you might enjoy Emma's take on things.


Today Jean of Well Trained Mind/Fairview Farm/Shades of White fame is making it to town.
Patrick said he will take care of Katie so Jean and I will be able to bum around Madison. I think this visit will include lots and lots of talking, a books store and Whole Foods...and I may request a visit to a knitting store because I am finishing up another pair of mittens and I will be projectless.

It's going to be a very nice Saturday!

I'll take my camera---you can all come along!

See you later!

Encourage one another,

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