Saturday, December 03, 2005

I almost always cry at the end of a play.
Not because the play was sad. But I cry tears of joy for the participants.
I happy because something they worked on so hard has gone so well.
These are my most embarrassing tears...cause they don't seem to fit.

"Why are you crying?"

"Well...everyone did so well...sniff....wipe...."

Embarrassing I tell ya.

The Flame Christmas concert went off beautifully last night.
The little children were darling! They performed "A Backward Christmas Story"
I am always awed by small children who are brave enough to sing solos!
I do not have any solo singers in my family....yet.
Katie wiggled so much I thought I would lose my mind.

Emma's choir came out and sang beautifully.
Quietly but beautifully.
Is it my ears or the church we were in?

Patrick, Katie and I came right home. We three were tired.
Katie from wiggling. Me from holding a wiggler.
And Patrick from a long day of work.

Emma went to Perkins with loads of friends and parents.
She said they filled up the place.

(This group of homeschoolers is single handedly going to dispel the rumors that homeschoolers are anti-social!)

I waited for Emma to come home...and started watching an old black and white movie with Bette Davis and Charles Boyer.

Can you guess what it's a famous movie, that I have never seen.
Bette is a nanny.

Yes. It was All This and Heaven Too.
It was good enough to keep me up til 2:00!

Charles Boyer says something very romantic in the death-bed scene...and I goggled like crazy to find it for you, but I'm not finding it.

So you are just going to have to watch all 140 minutes of it :o)

One funny thing:
There is a little boy, about five.
He has a southern accent.
The movie is in France.

Katie has choir practice this morning...I guess I getter get ready for that.
She is in a little Christmas program with her friend Leoni. Very exciting.
I have a little job too. Line coach.

Wishing you a song-filled weekend!


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