Thursday, December 29, 2005

Seen and heard in Sandy's comment box.

I once heard a wise man say that raising our children is about bringing them to love the standard, not chafe against it. If there are lots of rules and no joy, they will run hard in the opposite direction.
~Carol in Oregon

I have often wondered why children rebel. Especially children from families that are trying so hard to do the right thing.

But joyfully living 'the standard' instead of joylessly following a long list of rules sounds to be an excellent step in the right direction.

Of course there is sin, and personalities, and circumstances, and environment to consider....but so much of that we have no control over. But, joyfully living 'the standard'...yes! That's it! That is how I want to live.

Sounds like a perfect New Years Resolution!

Encourage one another,

Carol...can you think of the 'wise man's' name?

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