Friday, December 16, 2005

You may think that because we live in Wisconsin, it snows like this all of the time.
Well...since we have lived in Southern Wisconsin we have had such mild winters, we have not even had snow on Christmas.

Not this year!

Wednesday we had fine, dry snow all day long.
And yesterday the snow came down in giant clumps.

Entertainment, Quiet Life Style.

This kind of snow also gives the girls in this family reason for exercise and fresh air.

And you see, Patrick's favorite thing is a shoveled driveway. He's crazy about it.
It's not food.


The way to this man's heart is through a shovel.
(Or Rug Dr. as I learned this week)


We are going to see the Nutcracker today!!!

I can't wait!

Emma and I went to the Nutcracker in Seattle about ten years ago. (We went with Janice! It was fabulous!)
At the time the Seattle Nutcracker sets were designed by Maurice Sendak.
It was very different and beautiful.

Friday Five

Do you like going to the ballet?
Have you see the Nutcracker?
Would you want to be in the Nutcracker?
Do you have a nutcracker at your house? And do you use it?
Do you think Katie will sit quietly through the whole thing?

Better get going! We are going to the 'school performance' of the Nutcracker.
So we will go this morning! Neat huh?

Encourage one another,

P.S. Matthew (our 20 year old son) is not feeling well at all. He had a fever all week and has swollen glands. Seeing that he is at college it's hard for me to do anything but suggest he see a Dr. and pray.
Would you join in praying me for Matthew's health today?

Thank you so much.

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