Thursday, December 01, 2005

Warm Hands

My favorite mitts.
Vintage Pattern
Size One DP's
Sunshine Yarns by Dani
The yarn is called Watermelon...but it looked like Christmas to me :o)

Playing around a little...

I used the same sock weight yarn and the same needles as for the mittens above with a free baby sock pattern.

These are just the right size to be an ornament.

I'm delighted with this teeney sock!


Yesterday at Walgreens I bought some Jergen's lotion. On the bottle it said, "Original Cherry-Almond Scent'

I sniffed.

It was.

I love that smell.

This is the lotion we grew up with.

This morning...

Katie: Mommy, can I put some of this lotion on?
Me: Sure
Katie: umm
Me: Doesn't it smell good? It reminds me of my mom.
Katie: She smelled this good?
Me: *grin* Yes, she did.

Encourage one another,

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