Monday, December 12, 2005

Merry Christmas Everyone!

We made a quick trip out to a tree farm yesterday. We chose a little tree, Patrick chopped it down and Katie got to spend a little time in the glorious snowy sunlight with her old folks.

And most importantly, she had the perfect opportunity to model a precious hat I just finished knitting in the morning!

I truly think it is the cutest hat I have ever seen. It thrills the nostalgic side of me. It belongs in Miracle on 34th St. doesn't it?

And that picot edging...well it is soooooo pretty and perfect :o)

Here is what it looks like lying flat.

Everything Old is New Again
Child's Bonnet
Cascade Yarn
Design by Amy E. Anderson

That is my first tassel.
It took a few tries...and I am not sure if it will hold.
But it is a tassel.


Just a few comments about the Survivor last night.

Yeah! Danni.

But, man, what is with the collagen filled lips? She was so beautiful without those puffed up, fake lips. Give me a break :o(

Do you really think Stephanie thought people would forgive her for stabbing them in the back? Get a clue girl. They all were furious with you.

Rafe, Rafe. Rafe. Don't tell the girl she is free to vote for whoever she wants....and then hold it against her when she doesn't take you.

I actually thought the jury was too kind to Stephanie.
Three people in a row took her on special rewards with them...
and she voted against them at the next council.
Bad form.
Bad strategy.


Today I will be cleaning carpets. Very needy.
Tomorrow we will put up our little tree.
Wait till you see how small it is!

Oh, and by the way...

I have only purchased ONE Christmas gift so far.

I'll think about that tomorrow.

What are you doing today?

Encourage one another,

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