Thursday, February 02, 2006

Alison @ Sockapaloooza Central

There! I've gone and done it :o)

I have joined my first internet knitting exchange! I will knit socks for my Pal and I will receive socks from a gal...(or's a secret)

The button is what got me. I adore that sock monkey button! So cute.

The socks are not to be sent until May. Plenty of time!

Now about the Knitting Olympics...I just don't know if I am able to participate.
I keep looking and looking for the perfect pattern and yarn...and it is not coming together for me.

Lynn in Wi. is a possible participant!

Sign Up Lynn!!!! I want to place this button on my sidebar...just for you :o)

Homeschooling Update

Emma is breezing through Saxon Algebra II. She is using the Dive CD's with the book.

Do you remember how worried and freaked I was at the beginning of the year when she was struggling? Well...that must have just been the need to clean out the summer cobwebs....cause she has gotten the hang of it and is understanding her work and doing very well!

Katie is learning to read. We are using "Teach your child to read in 100 Lessons." We do at least two lessons a day. Katie hops and cheers when she reads a word correctly and can't wait to see the picture that goes with each little story. (I hide the picture from her so she is surprised. Emma loved this part, too. Isn't that sweet) Emma and I both like to watch Katie learn to read.

She is so funny and excited!

In math, Katie understands well but I noticed she is still very much in the 'concrete' stage.
With teddy bear counters she can do almost any problem I give her.
Such as 4-0 = 4

But...if I just say to her, "Katie, what is four take away zero?" She can not quite figure it out yet.

Interesting how the brain works.

Little by little.

She did, however, use the word metaphor the other day...incorrectly in a sentence.
But, where on earth did she pick up the word metaphor!?

That's all the news from our little corner of the world...

Are your children enjoying their studies?

Encourage one another,


Go on over and wish our blog-sistah Sandy a Happy Birthday!
How silly to share your special day with Punxsutawney Phil!

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