Monday, February 20, 2006

Two things

Is it possible to motivate your children?

Is the desire to challenge oneself and do ones best, inborn?

I have a theory that unconditional love extinguishes a healthy fear of failure.

(It's a rather harebrained theory combined with a touch of humor)

Can parents light that fire in their children....or is that fire there from the beginning?


The second thing I am wondering this morning is....

Can you recommend a book that teaches word origins in Greek for beginners?

For instance last night I read this in Martha Peace's book "Becoming a Titus 2 Woman;

The Greek work for "love their children" is philioteknos. This work is a combination of the word philos (beloved, tenderness) and teknos (child).

I love learning what the Greek word means. It adds so much to my understanding.

But I don't really want one of those big thick books with all the cross references. And I am not looking to learn the Greek alphabet right away.

Any thoughts? It can be very basic.


Encourage one another,

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