Thursday, February 09, 2006

Hey! Matthew! I'm wearing your jersey!

I just love hand-me-downs! I always have. With two older sisters I had quite a large wardrobe back in the 70's. I rarely went to a store to buy clothes.
In the fall, my mother would take us shopping for school clothes. We bought five outfits (at the most) and one pair of shoes. And we didn't go clothes shopping again....until the next fall.

After I graduated from High School (1975) designer fashions arrived.
Up until then...we did not care about name brands or store brands.

We just went to Marshall Fields to get our school clothes :o)

So with our children, clothing has not been a huge part of the budget. (It is a big part of Emma's budget now that she is working at Old Navy. She buys something almost every week. "But won't believe what I got today." Then she pulls out a cashmere sweater for $10.00. I can't argue with a good shopper)

But the 'keepers' really make me smile.

Katie's sweater coat, that cousin Lindsay and Emma have also worn....The Blackhawk jersey from Matthew's one year as a hockey worn by Emma and Katie....Katie's favorite black velvet shirt from her cousins Dani and Sydney.... special Laura Ashley dresses from Caroline and Hillary.

Little pieces of the past...little pieces of family...

Little memories to wear.

And man....what is cooler than a Blackhawks jersey???

I have a feeling one day....Matthew will have a little one who will also wear this jersey. Now that is cool!

Emma in the same jersy :o)

Are you saving your children's clothing to pass on?

Encourage one another,

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