Sunday, February 12, 2006

Little Candace is on my heart and mind. She needs our prayers so desperately. She has had five surgeries in five days. She looks to be about Katie's age and what her family thought was a typical virus has turned out to be a life-threatening infection in her lower torso. I know so many of you are great prayer warriors and I ask you to pray for Candace.

please pray for Candace

I learned about Candace from Carmon, who knows the lively and talkative Candace and her family.


Homeschooled Olympian

It always makes the Olympics more fun to know something special about the athletes.

Her 'about' page on her website is especially interesting to read.

God had given me a talent and now he had given me another chance. So here I am back on my skis training hard year round and proving to myself and to others that it is possible to live life to its fullest, be a mom, help run a business and persevere through all the ups and downs. It is all a matter of God's graces helping me prioritize and schedule my life so that I can accomplish all of my goals. Rebecca Dussault

Go Rebecca Go!!!


Did anyone watch Grey's Anatomy last night?

I just love the writing and acting. There is a tenderness about how the characters treat one another and I think that is my favorite part.

And George O'Malley was my hero last night.

I do have a minor gripe. Doesn't the bomb squad put live bombs in special metal boxes? Don't they wear special helmets and full body suits if they are going to be carrying a bomb around?

I think the writers had the ending they wanted in mind....
and neglected reality a bit.

(And we couldn't see their fabulous acting thru big clunky helmets)

But other than was a riveting and moving show!


Emma made the drive to and from Oskgosh with safety and ease! She is one step closer to driving to our old home town or even to Chicago. Mer-cy!

I went to a delightful baby shower yesterday afternoon. We welcomed little Lily from Ethiopia and heard her amazing story from her mom, Helen!

(Imagine the Amazing Race to and from an orphanage :o)

Lily is a beautiful 19 month old and in just one month she is adjusting perfectly.
She adores her big siblings and her mom and dad are so excited to have her...they hope to go back to Ethiopia in a year to adopt again.

Life is so beautiful and so painful and so fragile and wondrous... all at the same time, isn't it?

Encourage one another,

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