Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Big Day!!!

Emma leaves for Manchester today!

We are all so excited for her!

Last night, at nine o'clock, we headed for Walgreens, for a few. more. items.

(It was our second trip to Walgreens.)

We moseyed around, looking at this and that, smelling this and that.

When we walked in the door at 9:30 Emma was greeted by....

The Wednesday night Bible study gang!
Aren't they cute? And so sweet.
They are indeed, men with chests, in training :o)
The old fellow on the left is Mark.
Mark, the pastor, brought Emma the book Putting Amazing back into Grace by Michael Horton.
( I gave Mark a book on the Bradley Method. Told him not to open it with all these young men around! yikes! )

Anita was there too :o) Anita is the mother of three of these young men. You have met her in the comments! She drew Emma this card;

Dear little red-haired girl,
Have fun in England.
Bless and be blessed.

Isn't that wonderful! Thank you, Anita, you are such a dear friend!

English faces.

Chip, chip Charlie,
By joe,
good show,
God save the Queen,
and all of that.

What a great send off!

God has been so good to give Emma such wonderful friends!

Well, I better go. We have a few things to do today :o)

I am so excited!!!

Encourage one another,

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