Friday, June 02, 2006

Five fabulous ideas for your Family Reunion.

Dana emailed me a few weeks ago requesting a Friday Five on reunions. (She has two coming up this summer)

Let's help her out with our best ideas!

1. Best idea?
2. Worst idea?
3. Games?
4. Shirts? Mugs?
5. Pictures!

My favorite thing to come away with at a family reunion would be photos. I would like family pictures and a big ole' group picture!

I would prefer this to shirts or mugs. (Which end up being the worst idea in my opinion.)

I would also enjoy watching old family movies. This might be a fun evening activity, complete with popcorn!

Our families are so spread out that we have never had a family reunion; on either side of the family. But when we get together for funerals it is really a great joy to see our extended family. (We were very very close to our cousins.)

Perhaps, my favorite thing to come away from a reunion wouldn't be the would be the memories; old and new.

~Reunion by Moses

I hope we have some helpful ideas, Dana!
(If you haven't been by Dana's site, visit her soon, she has written some wonderful posts on what her mother has taught her.)

Can you believe it's already Friday???

I can't!

Sister Sue has two graduations tonight! (her twins)

Well done, boys! Well done, parents!

Encourage one another,

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