Monday, June 19, 2006

A day late....

As I was making the bloggy rounds yesterday, I spotted a little questionnaire at Dana's.
She thought of the perfect Father's Day Meme.

So guess what? We're gonna do it anyway. Cause it's that good.

Five things my father taught me.

My father taught me to tell time. (with a paper plate)
He taught me not to drink.
He taught me to be physically active.
He taught me to clear my plate. (roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy. yum)
He taught me that "there is no such word as 'gots'.

Donna and Daddy

"I gots to go to the bathroom." said I.

"There is no such word as 'gots'." said he.

"But I just said it, so it's a word." said I.

"Gots is not a word." said he.

"But you just said it." said I.

"Grrr..." said he.


A little Fat Flush update.

Five weeks. Twenty pounds.

The last five pounds have gone considerably slower than the first 15 pounds.

But I am feeling a little lighter, drinking water like a fish and making very good food choices.

I'll let you know when I hit 25!


Sister Sue and her hubby are leaving for a vacation in Italy tomorrow.
Would you mind saying a little prayer for safe travels?

Emma leaves for Manchester, England on Thursday!

You can pray for her too :o)

Looking forward to reading what you learned from you father!
Thanks Dana!

Encourage one another,

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