Tuesday, June 27, 2006

What will we do today?

When the silent, empty days of summer arrive I can think of only one thing to do. And that is swim.

It's in my blood.

We had a built in pool when we were growing up and the summer was centered around our own back yard.

Swimming, diving, sun-tanning, reading, and eating sandwiches.
Oh, listening to the radio too, of course.

(Midnight at the Oasis...send your camel to bed....)

This is my view of summer.

So when it is summer and it is too cool to swim.
What's a girl to do?

Katie thinks she wants to swim. But you have never seen a child shiver like Katie can shiver! Under 77 degrees is a bit chilly for her. I have had to come up with a number because she asks every day now.

All week it is expected to be under 75 degrees. Bummer.

So yesterday I had to put on my thinking cap.

I manicured Katie's little toes. She now has blue nails. So lovely.

Then Katie invited me to tea.

She made an invitation, it said;

I am

It was a very sweet tea party. On the lawn with Katie, Bonnie Bunny and me.
Katie drinks her tea (water) with her pinky sticking out...too cute.

Katie is also still learning to read. She is in summer school :o)

I've switched from Teach your child to read in 100 lessons, back to The Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading. I hope she catches on by September. It's very slow going for her.

I think I will pull out a nice big puzzle to work on today. That is always a fun project. We both like puzzles :o)

What will you do with your children today...on this summer day?

Encourage one another,

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