Saturday, June 24, 2006

Plus Six

So what do you think is on my mind?

Emma and the Waldeckers, of course.

Here is Alan Waldecker's blog.

Over the Pond

I have read every entry and every link and examined every picture...a few times!

They seem like a great family!

I know they are welcoming and hospitable.

A thankful momma. That's me.

Now I must be patient as I wait for email.


T-ball starts today. We've already had a little rain shower...hope Katie's little team doesn't get rained out!

They will hand out t-shirts, I'm sure! Katie's team is blue.
Every year. Every sport. A t-shirt.

I know of a quilt pattern that uses t-shirts. A friend made one for her high school graduate. It was a fun keepsake and very soft :o)


Not necessarily the prettiest of quilts....but fun memories :o)

Happy summer weekend to all!

Encourage one another,

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