Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Beetlegrass is a blog of creativity. Art, stamps and decorating.
Her most recent post has fabulous pictures of her whimsical studio.


I adore the Fischer-Price people lined up above the door!!!

I have a link for Wendy Knits on my side bar...but I'll bet a lot of you don't go visit there often. Well, those of you who are interested in knitting or love Fair Isle sweaters....the last few days at Wendy's have be remarkable. It's actually the reason I am a fan of Wendy. She knits fast and beautifully! This weekend she has been steeking. Don't know what that is? Go see.

Wendy Knits
Did you notice she is knitting socks while she is creating that amazing sweater?Unbelievable!

Another Wendy.
This one has a load of children, knits, reads, and homeschools. She is not on my sidebar...but she leaves funny comments and this is how I met her. (Her twins are names William and James, like my father and his best friend)
I've really enjoyed getting to know her!

Well Mannered Frivolity
Love that baby shower gift! Very cute and clever :o)

Hope you had fun on this little bloghop.

I am inspired by creativity.

Encourage one another,

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