Saturday, December 09, 2006

And the winner is...

Margaret in Va!

A close up of the sock ornaments

There were twenty-names in the pot....
Janice accounted for five of those names....
So much for odds :o)

I'll come back later today with some pretty pictures of the Capitol and our girls.


A beautiful setting for a concert.

I guess this is what I look like now. I don't recognize myself, really I don't..and why O why didn't I wear any makeup.
I know my children don't care. This is how they know me.
But it's not really how I know me.
In my minds eye,
I am still 21.

And when we left the Capitol, I turned around and took a look...
and it was beautiful...
How about that sky?

Life is good.
Yes, indeedy.

Encourage one another,

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